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Disruptive business models reliant on multi-sector collaboration are the new normal. As leading NGOs, private foundations, public donor agencies, governments and the private sector come together to bridge commerce and community, they are rethinking how to drive sustainable impact at scale with market-based approaches. Companies are approaching issues once deemed “philanthropic” as strategic to drive important environmental, social and governance agendas. Foundations want value for their money. And digital-savvy newcomers are weaving seamlessly into the fabric of the ‘impact ecosystem’.

We combine deep expertise in social and environmental impact, a vast network of impact-driven clients and partners, and expansive experience localizing solutions in frontier and emerging markets to help the C-suite of companies, NGOs, foundations, and governments drive sustainable impact by answering the most strategic questions around growth, market positioning, M&A, partnerships, and operating models.

Specific services


We are thought partners to the C-suite on their organizations’ transformational journeys to scale impact and realize the next version of themselves.

Mergers and acquisitions

We advise impact-focused organizations on M&A strategy, target due diligence and post-merger integration to help create impact with greater certainty.

Intelligent operating model

We advise on how to build and scale intelligent operating models to drive sustainable growth and maximize social and environmental impact.

Research and insights

We help leaders understand, navigate and articulate seismic shifts in trends across all of our impact areas.


We help define, facilitate, implement and evaluate partnerships that create market-driven, innovative solutions to sustainably drive impact.

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