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Built for Change: Biotech, space and innovation’s big bang

In this episode, we explore the nascent fields of space data and synthetic biology and identify key strategies for enterprises to benefit from this science-technology innovation feedback loop. 

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Leading with edge computing: How to reinvent with data & AI

Edge enables the rapid processing of data close to its source and plays a key role in evolving AI for the enterprise. Our research reveals how companies across the globe are using edge, and how they can scale its value.


of companies believe edge computing is essential to future competitiveness

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Strategy at the pace of technology

Technology is increasing the complexity and speed of business strategy. Separating noise from relevance is hard. A cohort of leaders are outperforming their peers by using tech to both inform and execute on their strategy.


of companies are leveraging technology to shape business strategy

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Forge the link between tech investment and business value

This is a singular moment for CIOs: here is how they can take advantage to unlock true business value across their enterprise.


of CxOs say they plan to increase their technology spending in the year ahead

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Five practices to thrive on the Cloud Continuum

Accenture details 5 cloud transformation practices to help companies extract maximum value from cloud and succeed in the Cloud Continuum.

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Positive energy in the metaverse. A new era of efficiency

The world around us has undergone a transformation, and the energy industry has embraced this metamorphosis to emerge safer, more efficient and focused on net- zero ambitions.


of executives in the energy industry believe that primary metaverse technologies are already inspiring their organization’s vision or long-term strategy

Case Study

MQDC: Bringing wellbeing to the metaverse

With a virtual universe that connects an online land of creativity to physical properties—real estate developer MQDC is bringing the real and digital worlds together—and rewarding positive actions for real-world impact.


AI for everyone

With innovations like ChatGPT dominating headlines, the world is waking up to the transformative potential of generative AI. Find out how AI working side-by-side with people will impact science, business and society itself.


of all working hours can be impacted by Large language models like GPT-4.

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State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2023

Cyber transformers are excelling at both business resilience and business outcomes—with high-performing cybersecurity propelling their digital transformations forward.


more likely that cyber transformers have more effective digital transformations.

Case Study

DaVita: Boosting confidence on the clinic floor

Helping kidney-care company DaVita create digital-twin training in the metaverse, where staff learn dialysis machines virtually before working with real patients.


The five key forces of change

The pace of disruption today can open an exciting period of positive change for businesses. But to navigate this complex and dynamic environment, leaders will need to harness the Five Key Forces of Change.



The increase in levels of disruption from 2017 to 2022.

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Total Enterprise Reinvention: Setting a new performance frontier

A handful of organizations are embracing a deliberate strategy of continuous reinvention. The results? Improved financials and more innovation, resilience and value for all stakeholders.


of companies are embracing the value of Total Enterprise Reinvention.

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Accelerating Sustainability Transformation

Accenture explores how responsible leaders can profitably embed sustainability without completely tearing up the traditional business case.

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Technology Vision 2023: When Atoms Meet Bits

We live in two parallel realities, one of atoms (physical) and one of bits (digital). The next big business transformation will seamlessly combine both. In this shared reality, we will launch innovative products, a new era of scientific research and more.


of execs agree that shared reality will fully transform business by 2033.

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Reinventing Enterprise Operations

See how operations reinventors are rising to the challenges of disruption, capturing new paths for growth, and setting new performance frontiers.


of organizations have a unique ability to reinvent enterprise operations and drive 360° value.

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The CHRO as a growth executive

A new type of CHRO is leading their C-suite peers in connecting data, technology and people and cultivating collaboration. These “High-Res” CHROs bring growth and exceptional experiences into higher resolution. 


The possible premium on top-line productivity that companies stand to gain.

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We’re one of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies

We are celebrating our 21st consecutive year on the list and 10th consecutive year as No. 1 in IT Services.


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We’re celebrating our first year among the World’s Best Workplaces™, and continued recognition in several countries, including No. 1 in Argentina, No. 2 in Mexico and the Philippines, No. 5 in Brazil, Indonesia, and the U.S., and No. 10 in Chile.


No.1 on the Refinitiv Global Diversity & Inclusion Index

We're No. 1 on the Refinitiv Global Diversity & Inclusion Index for the fourth time in six years. Thanks to our people who make Accenture a welcoming place every day.

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