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Research Report

Technology Vision 2023: When Atoms Meet Bits

We live in two parallel realities, one of atoms (physical) and one of bits (digital). The next big business transformation will seamlessly combine both. In this shared reality, we will launch innovative products, a new era of scientific research and more.


of execs agree that shared reality will fully transform business by 2033.


AI for everyone

With innovations like ChatGPT dominating headlines, the world is waking up to the transformative potential of generative AI. Find out how AI working side-by-side with people will impact science, business and society itself.


of all working hours can be impacted by Large language models like GPT-4.

Research Report

How to build a responsible metaverse—starting now

The metaverse is here. And with it comes the rare opportunity to help ensure that a new, life-changing technology helps us realize society’s best intentions. Here’s how to build a foundation for what comes next.


of people have concerns about privacy in the metaverse.

Research Report

Total Enterprise Reinvention: Setting a new performance frontier

A handful of organizations are embracing a deliberate strategy of continuous reinvention. The results? Improved financials and more innovation, resilience and value for all stakeholders.


of companies are embracing the value of Total Enterprise Reinvention.

Research Report

Reinventing Enterprise Operations

See how operations reinventors are rising to the challenges of disruption, capturing new paths for growth, and setting new performance frontiers.


of organizations have a unique ability to reinvent enterprise operations and drive 360° value.


Discover a new destination without ever departing

Step inside the ChangiVerse—an immersive digital wonderland of amazing experiences for gaming, glamping, shopping and more, all brought to life for Singapore Changi Airport.


Psychological safety: Crack the work behavior code

To stay competitive, today’s companies need to prioritize psychological safety. This critical trait creates a culture of trust and collaboration, enabling workers to take risks, innovate and build resilience.


more likely to leave orgs are workers who don't feel productive or happy.



The five key forces of change

The pace of disruption today can open an exciting period of positive change for businesses. But to navigate this complex and dynamic environment, leaders will need to harness the Five Key Forces of Change.



The increase in levels of disruption from 2017 to 2022.


Breakthrough innovation: the megatrends of transformation

Breakthrough innovation sits at the intersection of understanding the potential of next generation technologies and applying them in novel ways. We believe companies can engineer these game changers.

Research Report

More than hype—here's how to embrace the metaverse today

The metaverse is already revolutionizing how we work and play, opening new doors for value generation across industries. Here's how businesses can pair technology with creativity to tap into its (almost) limitless potential.


of execs say the metaverse will have an important role in their company’s growth.


How do we turn net zero commitments into reality?

More companies are taking net zero seriously. But action, not ambition, is what counts. By setting more specific goals, investing wisely in the process and leveraging the right technology, they can get all the way to zero.


of the 2,000 largest companies now have a full net-zero target. 

Case Study

Climate change gets real in the metaverse

The nation of Tuvalu is just 4.6 meters above sea level. So, we helped build one of its islands in the metaverse—a world first. 

Research Report

Accelerating Europe’s path to reinvention 

In the short term, European business leaders face geopolitical and economic pressures. In the long term, they must close the gap with North America and Asia Pacific peers who are raising the bar in technology-driven growth.


growth is projected for Europe in 2023-4, well behind other regions.

Case Study

Insurance claims in the cloud

AXA, one of Europe’s largest insurers, now offers customers accurate claims processing in seconds, not days—and has the insights it needs to make smarter business decisions.


Research Report

Want business growth tomorrow? Act on climate today.

Sustainability now: “This is not a time to sit on the sidelines.” CEOs and global leaders are sounding the alarm that we need more action. Here’s how we save our planet.


of executives now feel it is their role to make their business more sustainable.

Research Report

The CHRO as a growth executive

A new type of CHRO is leading their C-suite peers in connecting data, technology and people and cultivating collaboration. These “High-Res” CHROs bring growth and exceptional experiences into higher resolution. 


The possible premium on top-line productivity that companies stand to gain.

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We are celebrating our 21st consecutive year on the list and 10th consecutive year as No. 1 in IT Services.


For 16 consecutive years, we have been recognized for operating with integrity in everything we do.


We’re celebrating our first year among the World’s Best Workplaces™, and continued recognition in several countries, including No. 1 in Argentina, No. 2 in the Philippines and No. 5 in Brazil and in the US.

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