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Video Marketing Services


Video audiences are moving online, where brands with emerging business models have a greater share of reach than companies relying on traditional marketing channels. Companies that can engage online audiences at scale across multiple platforms, targeting relevant content and customising the experience to the individual, are emerging as leaders in the digital ecosystem.

Accenture Video Marketing Services can help companies transform into data-driven, integrated digital video marketing and promotion organizations. This new model will enable businesses to leverage consumer insights, collected through interactions on optimized digital and social channels, as well as full value from their marketing and promotional spend.

Accenture provides a framework of assets and services which help build and transform business capabilities, underpinned by developing a test and learn culture, breaking down the traditional organisational silos preventing a pan-company digital culture, and creating delivery agility.

Transformation can be accelerated using tools and capabilities adapted for individual company's requirements and transformation stage. Accenture's framework provides consulting services to accelerate this journey, such as programme mobilisation and architecture strategy, as well as definition and delivery services, and managed service delivery and operation. Accenture's portfolio of services allows traditional businesses to move from strategy through to operating a transformative video marketing capability.


  • Marketing and Promotions teams use nascent channels designed to increase customer engagement, providing internal creative teams with the ability to segment the consumer base and target customers in a more sophisticated way.

  • Digital Engagement teams can leverage insights from current engagement, segmented, to support decision making and iterative, agile product design.

  • Content Sales teams enabled to find the optimal price-point to enhance returns, driven by the ability to segment and test different content pricing models and messages across various digital channels.

  • Ad Sales and Operations are provided with the ability to use digitally-collected data to better understand the value of traditional versus digital advertising.

  • Rights Acquisition and Content Commissioning teams gain a better understanding of core digital audience behaviours and provide insights to support content commissioning and acquisition processes.


Strategy and Mobilisation

Strategy and Mobilisation
Engagement Transformation Strategy

  • Capability, organisation and business case definition for integrating video marketing capabilities into an overall platform.

Architecture Strategy

  • Design of technical architecture, migration and integration strategy.

Programme Mobilisation and Governance

  • Mobilisation of delivery capability to allow agility and structured innovation alongside predictability.

  • Programme governance to enable cross-product/platform prioritisation.

Definition and Delivery

Definition and Delivery
Product/Platform Definition

  • Definition of engagement offerings that either enable data collection or leverage audience data insights.

Technology Delivery Services

  • Design and build of integrated video marketing platform

  • Integrated Services – integrated platform implementation and support.

  • Platform Services – identity management, usage, recommendation engines, content discovery and insights.

  • Online & Audience Facing Services – consumer facing interactions.

  • Business Applications – operational enablement applications.

Managed Service Delivery and Operation

Managed Service Delivery and Operation
Analytics as a Service

  • Providing hypothesis-based and industrialised insights enabling strategic and operational processes to increase audience interaction.

Test and Learn Services

  • Accenture Interactive services to drive interaction optimisation, e.g. MVT services, consulting services to support organisational adoption of test and learn processes.

Direct and Digital Marketing/Social CRM Services

  • Managed marketing and social operations, e.g. social CRM, social sentiment analysis.