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Rev up your revenue cycle


Can you effectively track and measure the performance of your Revenue Cycle continuum? 
Are you able to quantify the key performance measures of your Revenue Cycle? Examples include:

  Bad debt
  Self-pay collections
  Charge lag
  AR days
  AR over 90 days
Through a 6-8 week assessment, we can help you understand which performance improvement levers will drive returns.


Receive high level recommendations and detailed findings of our analysis covering current state process and workflows, successes, risks, breakdowns and opportunities.


Understand how your metrics compare to benchmarks and goals. Identification of measured opportunity based on the value levers you choose.

Image  View the full picture of:
  • Operating model and future state design
  • Project initiatives and timing
  • Resource allocations
  • Benefit realization schedule


David P. Gaydosh

David P. Gaydosh
Managing Director, Provider Revenue Cycle

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I have 35 years of healthcare management experience concentrating in the areas of financial management and operations at the facility and multi-facility levels. I’m responsible for Revenue Cycle Management and Transformation across North America. As a CPA and former CFO, it’s personal when my team finds money for our clients.

Aaron Kull

Aaron Kull
Managing Director, Accenture Health

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For more than 10 years, I have been working in healthcare IT, consulting and business management. My focus is on blending technology and methodology to drive financial and operational performance. Applying creative thinking to develop solutions and services to prepare clients for market changes is one of my key strengths.

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