The New Border Agency

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Blockchain: Mapping new trade routes to trust

Building a robust business case for blockchain at the border

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Intelligent Border Agency Unleashed

A border services perspective on the Accenture Technology Vision 2018

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From Barrier to Economic Growth Engine

Why immigration reform must be at the heart of the digital border agency

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Bridging Borders with Blockchain

Find out how blockchain is bridging borders and transforming global travel and trade.

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Crossing Boundaries

Understanding and embracing emerging technologies to create the NEW border agency.

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Shaping the NEW digital border agency

What five trends are shaping the NEW digital border agency?

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Moving beyond single window

Not a ‘single window’ but a collaborative ecosystem. Find out why.

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Governing in the age of cyber threats

A practical approach to safeguarding public systems and data.

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Emerging technologies at the European border

James Canham
Managing Director
Global Borders Services

Krum Garkov
Executive Director

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Ger Daly
Senior Managing Director
Accenture Global Defense & Public Safety

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What we say at Accenture, it is about the new applied NOW

James Canham,
Managing Director,
Global Border Services

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James Canham

Managing Director, Global Border Services

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