Transforming cities

Value unlocked, design driven, scale achieved

In order to thrive, U.S. cities must compete for talent, resources and investment in the knowledge economy. This requires them to undertake simultaneous digital and physical transformations.

Successful cities reinvent themselves through a relentless focus on providing value for their citizens, businesses and employees by becoming efficient and effective enterprises, being responsive and resilient thus allowing them to predict and plan for the future.

If successful they can deliver on their core mission and become economically vibrant, inclusive, sustainable and safe cities - where people choose to work, live and play.


Digital disruption is having an unprecedented effect on cities and how they deliver services to citizens, businesses within their city, and the cities workforce. Ensuring you have a digital strategy in place is key for a successful transformation.


AI is transforming how we capture, inspect, and analyse data to impact everything from public safety, traffic, and parking management to law enforcement and city services. Citizens are now accustomed to services provided instantly, queries answered rapidly, and functionality available continuously. They expect public services to be customer-centric, flexible, and responsive. Can artificial intelligence help government agencies meet demand and improve services, while also controlling costs?


Insights gained from data gathering and advanced analytics are essential to enabling emerging technologies to create a more effective, resilient and innovative city. However, unlocking the value from the data is one of the biggest challenges cities face around the world.

Data driven communities in the U.S.: The Power and Potential of Analytics

People Led, Technology Enabled: Data Insights Changing the Lives of Rotterdam's Citizens


Accenture helps cities improve public service, see case studies below:


Jen Hawes-Hewitt


Jen Hawes-Hewitt
Global Cities Lead

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Jen Hawes-Hewitt


Vardahn Chaudhry
Global Cities Consultant

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Jen Hawes-Hewitt


Nathan Giles
Global Cities, North America Lead

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