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Technology Vision 2015: Executive Summary—Podcast


If your company is like most, the last few years have seen your top teams focused on leveraging social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) to transform your enterprise into a digital business.

Today, the challenge has become: What will business leaders do with their digital advantage?

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Outcome Economy—Podcast

Elise Cornille is joined by guest Steven Tiell to talk about the second chapter of the Technology Vision, the Outcome Economy. Driven by the low cost and approachability of hardware, the Outcome Economy is radically changing how businesses learn about their customers and better serve their needs.

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Platform (R)evolution—Podcast

Elise Cornille interviews Bill Lesieur, author of the Platform (R)evolution. Bill talks about how businesses will evolve to platforms, why platforms will be the foundation for the next wave of innovation, and what technology your platform solution will need.

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Intelligent Enterprise—Podcast

This podcast episode takes on software intelligence and machine learning. Krista Schnell, author of the Intelligent Enterprise, joins host Elise Cornille to talk about how businesses are getting smarter with data—thanks to a lot of help from software.

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Workforce Reimagined—Podcast

In the concluding episode for the Tech Vision series, Elise Cornille talks to Maria McGinley about her chapter—Workforce Reimagined. They discuss the pairing of humans and machines to achieve better results and why, no, robots are not out to take over the world.