Vodafone: Business transformation program

Vodafone and Accenture create one enterprise operations platform for global success.


As one of the global leaders in telecom, Vodafone has achieved growth through a series of major acquisitions—putting it at the top of the industry. Thanks to its ability to select and integrate the right businesses for its global organization, Vodafone’s scale and reach is unmatched.

But as each acquisition has come with its own established processes and technology systems, Vodafone’s senior management understood that to achieve the operational and organizational efficiency it wanted, would require a more integrated approach to business processes and a common technology platform for the global business.

The resulting program, "EVO," a project name short for "evolution," launched in 2006.


Accenture and Vodafone have worked closely as one team to deliver the program over six years, eight releases and 20 operating companies.


By adopting an industrialized approach we were able to drive major cost savings and realize the value that Vodafone had set for the program.


As the largest IT transformation in Vodafone’s history, delivering a single SAP platform for finance, HR and supply chain across 20 operating companies, meant addressing considerable challenges of scale and complexity.

Vodafone’s acquisition strategy had created a number of operating companies that were at various stages of maturity with existing solutions. Overcoming that required Vodafone and Accenture to develop a delivery model that had the flexibility to accommodate diverse needs while maintaining progress towards a clear and singular vision of success.


As Vodafone’s global delivery partner, Accenture’s team worked side by side with Vodafone in each location to design and deliver the overall solution.

Our approach was underpinned by a commitment to operate as efficiently as possible, ensuring that Vodafone could drive maximum value from the program, on time and to budget.

By adopting an industrialized approach we were able to drive major cost savings and realize the value that Vodafone had set for the program.

We focused on: maximizing the reuse of assets; making best use and the optimal mix of offshore and specialist resources and deploying a comprehensive suite of tools to achieve high levels of automation.

Accenture’s commitment to value was matched by our focus on innovation. One of the key goals for the program was to enable it for enterprise mobility. This groundbreaking technological achievement—one of the first and the largest project to deploy SAP Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP)—is now delivering measurable productivity gains and an enhanced user experience for many Vodafone employees.


The program's success is evident across a number of major business improvements for Vodafone. The business now has more efficient and effective global capabilities across finance, supply chain and HR.

The operational savings it has achieved have enabled Vodafone to channel investment into innovation that will deliver greater savings and enhance the services it offers to customers.

Working with consistent and transparent information and standardized processes across the global business not only saves money, but also supports better decision-making, improved reporting and enhanced risk management.

The program has created a single platform on which to build Vodafone’s future success as a leading player in the global telecoms market.



EVO Vodafone Business Transformation Programme

"The reason we chose Accenture as a partner was really because we wanted not only IT transformation skills, but we wanted business transformation skills."

Albert Hitchcock

CIO, Vodafone Group Plc

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