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Siemens: Data management system implementation

Accenture helps Siemens achieve high performance with a state-of-the-art data management solution based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies.


The new data search and retrieval system meets several key requirements, including strong data security, interoperability and scalability. In addition to being a highly effective tool for information management, the solution is giving Siemens’ managers the piece of mind of knowing that any information that might be needed—even years down the road—can be easily and quickly retrieved.

Like other companies engaged in active portfolio management, Siemens applies sophisticated risk management practices to help guide business acquisition or divestiture decisions. Since effective risk management depends on having the right information, Siemens set out to develop a data management capability that would allow real-time, cross-business information search and retrieval via an easy-to-operate interface.

Siemens turned to Accenture for help. Several factors influenced the decision, including Accenture’s extensive experience in building complex data management systems, our rigorous project management capabilities and our long-standing relationship with Siemens.


Accenture recognized that Siemens’ new search and retrieval system needed to meet several key requirements, including strong data security, interoperability and scalability. In addition to accommodating scanned paper archives from various businesses and locations, the system needed to integrate a huge volume of electronic documents—from contracts and order confirmations to product information—that constituted at least 100 terabytes of data.

Importantly, the solution needed to be based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies, which were used throughout Siemens to manage enterprise content.

Accenture tapped Avanade—a company majority owned by Accenture with unique insights and expertise in Microsoft technologies—to co-design and co-develop an innovative search, retrieval and archiving system. The joint team, in close collaboration with Siemens’ IT organization, ultimately decided to integrate the FAST RetrievalWare enterprise search engine into Siemens’ existing environment, using Microsoft SharePoint as the Web portal.


With the help of Accenture and Avanade, Siemens has developed a highly innovative and effective approach to finding and retrieving information. The new Microsoft SharePoint-based solution offers several advantages:

  • Usability: A short, five-minute demonstration is all it takes to understand the system’s information search and retrieval features.

  • Speed: A search result now appears within seconds.

  • Effectiveness: The system enables fast, full-text searches across multiple data inventories and, by using fuzzy logic, even vague queries can yield desired results.

  • Contextual results: A Web-based search tree feature allows users to jump from their real-time search results to the directory where the retrieved document is located.

  • Scalability: The solution can handle large numbers of users and petabytes of data.

  • Security: Access rights are strictly enforced. The new system allows monitoring of data search and browsing activities.                                        


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