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Shenhua Group: IT and management capability improvements

Read how Accenture helped Shenhua Group to optimize its business governance structure.


Shenhua Group partnered with Accenture to help optimize its business governance structure and help it set up enterprise IT planning and architecture. Working together, Shenhua and Accenture created a strong program management office in an accelerated three-year timeframe, leading to improved business services, higher technical standards and enhanced IT capabilities.

Shenhua Group is a Chinese state-owned mining and energy company, engaged in coal mining, power generation, railway transportation, shipping and the coal chemical industries.

The largest coal-producing company in the world, it owns 58 coal mines with a total capacity of 400 million tons. The company has 230,000 employees and total assets of approximately US$97billon.


Shenhua Group invited Accenture to help optimize its business governance structure and help set up its enterprise IT planning and IT architecture. Following Accenture’s advice, Shenhua decided to implement a new program specifically dedicated to rapidly improving its IT capabilities in all areas.

The objective of this program was to improve Shenhua’s management capabilities with support from an enterprise resources collaboration platform, a supply chain collaboration platform and a governance platform.


Shenhua chose Accenture as its primary consulting provider, with the goal of becoming a world-class mining and energy enterprise. Accenture was chosen due to our deep industry experience and professional program management knowledge.

Accenture helped Shenhua set up a program management office and provided consulting services including:

  • Policy management optimization
  • Enterprise resource planning design and implementation
  • Procurement optimization and implementation
  • Supplier relationship management implementation
  • Sales transformation
  • Customer relationship management implementation
  • IT governance optimization and IT infrastructure design

In an accelerated three-year timeframe, Accenture helped Shenhua establish a strong program management office, using industry-leading practices and tools to manage and control risks and other business challenges.


With Accenture’s help, Shenhua Group has:

  • Formed 120 innovation milestones for management and control
  • Optimized 243 business processes
  • Promoted the establishment of 130 business and technical standards
  • Maintained nearly 400 change items through information systems

Shenhua’s IT capability had previously been rated level C among state-owned enterprises. However, after working with Accenture, Shenhua achieved a level A rating and was listed as No. 34 by China’s Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

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