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Shenhua Group: Centralized information dashboard​

This credential describes how Shenhua and Accenture implemented a centralized information dashboard to help Shenhua make better and more timely decisions.


Shenhua Group Corporation Limited required a centralized information dashboard to integrate data from multiple enterprise-wide systems. Close collaboration with Accenture resulted in a dashboard with consolidated operational information, allowing for better and more timely decision making.

Shenhua Group Corporation Limited is a state-owned energy enterprise in Beijing, China. It is the largest coal distributor in the world with:

  • 211,500 employees

  • 21 subsidiaries, 62 coal mines and 11 ships

  • Power plants generating more than 63 million kilowatts

  • 1,466 kilometers in railway lines

  • A 100 million ton capacity at its Huanghua, China, port

  • A 45 million ton capacity at its coal port in Tianjin, China

Among peers, it ranks second in the mining industry, and #178 on the Fortune 500.


Accenture had assisted Shenhua in implementing 15 enterprise-wide systems as part of its SH217 information program. As a follow on to these system implementations, Shenhua sought to create a single platform (a “dashboard”) to:

  • Centrally display business data from all systems.

  • Integrate business data with financial reporting.

Shenhua selected Accenture to assist on the engagement based on Accenture’s deep understanding of Shenhua’s business, in addition to Accenture’s capabilities in its SAP innovation center in Beijing—specifically the ability to visualize “day in the life” mining scenarios, emphasizing IT integration and advanced analytics.


Shenhua and Accenture began by leveraging the ready-to-use analysis from a key piece of Accenture’s leading edge research, providing Shenhua with multi-industry insights on innovation, mergers and acquisitions, cash optimization, and talent.

Shenhua and Accenture then worked closely to design and build a centralized dashboard along seven dimensions:

  • Macro-environment and growth engine.

  • Excellent operations and financial performance.

  • Innovation driven, talent guaranteed, and environmentally-friendly “green” development.

As Shenhua’s key executives would be the end users of the dashboard, and interview time with them was very limited, Accenture worked with Shenhua to workshop a prototype with them within a three-month timeline (prior to the go-live date). This “quick win” strategy helped to gather feedback necessary for continuous improvement.

Using SAP Business Objects as the foundational technology, Shenhua and Accenture implemented the new dashboard across Shenhua’s organization. Accenture also worked with key users from the client to migrate the dashboard program to iPad and smart phone platforms.


As a result of close collaboration between Shenhua and Accenture, Shenhua now has a dashboard providing:

  • Consolidated operational information.

  • Enhanced management of Shenhua’s decision support system.

  • Connectivity to view the information on an LED screen, personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

With the new dashboard in place, Shenhua’s executives can access timely information from a single platform through numerous devices, leading to better visibility into key systems, faster decision making, and better responsiveness to changes within their organization.

Shenhua and Accenture successfully delivered a leading edge dashboard, providing Shenhua with a key tool to help enhance operational visibility, and improve efficiency on its journey to high performance.

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