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RWE Supply & Trading: Delivering a future-enabled IT Operating Model

Bringing business and technology capabilities to deliver the future enabled IT Organization for RWE Supply & Trading


RWE Supply & Trading is a leading European energy trading house and one of the strongest competitors in the European energy sector. RWE Supply & Trading is the interface between the RWE Group and global wholesale markets for energy and energy-related raw materials. RWE Supply & Trading IT is responsible for providing IT services along the value chain (e.g. applications support, infrastructure), and has historically operated all aspects itself.



Digital technology is reshaping the energy trading industry. Customers are seeking more online interactions. Smart homes are becoming smarter about how they source their energy. And energy traders like German-based RWE Supply & Trading are looking for ways to provide cost-efficient and industrialized business-oriented services.

After a detailed Accenture IT assessment showed that RWE Supply & Trading’s spending was higher, in some cases, than industry benchmarks, the company’s leadership decided to focus on both cutting costs and preparing for the future. The company was investing significantly in IT infrastructure and has a strong, business-aligned application delivery organization. However, RWE Supply & Trading had a fragmented managed services approach and did not have the central, consolidated IT services and operations to realize the organization’s full potential. To address the cost-savings goal, Accenture collaborated with key client IT stakeholders on a thorough IT assessment.


Accenture and RWE Supply & Trading identified a set of optimization measures that would achieve the cost reduction targets of a new IT operating model and an IT transformation approach to achieve such a model. The Accenture team also worked with RWE Supply & Trading on an IT maturity assessment to look at how the energy trader should address sourcing as well as cloud solutions. The maturity assessment inspired four projects, focusing on cloud, service management, sourcing and RWE Supply & Trading’s operating model. The plan included qualified measures and business cases to be completed within three months for RWE Supply & Trading’s mid-term-planning.

The target operating model, a transformation plan and a business case were presented to the business customers and approved by the CIO and CEO for implementation. Because of the close collaboration throughout the assessment and recommendation process, RWE Supply & Trading’s IT team is well-equipped to move forward with the plan.

Accenture, working closely with RWE Supply & Trading, demonstrated that, when it comes to developing an effective IT operating model, reducing costs and preparing for future innovation are not mutually exclusive goals.

RWE Supply & Trading started its technology strategy journey by looking at industry best practices, and ended up with a clear vision about how its future IT operating model should work and how to achieve it. The cloud and sourcing assessments helped to set the scope of change and established clear targets for cloud, automation, service management and a service catalog.

RWE Supply & Trading has a plan to transform its managed services into a truly centralized hub of effective IT operations. Once RWE Supply & Trading begins hitting its targets and moving toward its envisioned operating model, the company’s own team is prepared to continue the journey toward further sourcing and optimization.

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