Accenture's Partnership for Refugees


The world is facing the largest humanitarian crisis of our time. Today, the United Nations estimates that 65.6 million people are displaced from their homes, the largest global displaced population since World War II. About one-third of these people have crossed international borders as refugees in search of safety. Support for refugees from both the public and private sectors have largely been uncoordinated.

In response to a June 2016 White House Call to Action, the U.S. Department of State and the office of the U.S.A. for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), jointly launched the Partnership for Refugees initiative. Through this initiative, the private sector could make significant commitments to improve the lives of refugees, including increasing services to refugees, offering financial support, employment or promoting refugee acceptance.

Accenture served as the consulting partner for the Partnership for Refugees, providing pro bono strategic consulting, project management and digital services. The Partnership provided guidance to private sector organizations that wish to take action and helped ensure that their pledges are sustainable and responsive to refugees’ needs across three impact areas: education, employment and enablement.

Accenture helped secure more than 50 corporate commitments, totaling over $650 million in donations and commercial investments. More than 20 CEOs from these companies joined senior leaders from the White House and State Department at the President’s Leaders Summit at the UN General Assembly. Since the Partnership and the Tent Alliance merged to form the Tent Partnership for Refugees, 20 additional commitments have been made. Through Accenture’s guidance and support, corporations are bettering the lives of more than 6 million refugees.

More than 70 international organizations have committed to bettering the lives of 6 million refugees.

A global platform for getting private sector to help refugees

Every minute, 20 people are displaced from their homes worldwide.
More than 70 companies of all sizes have stepped up to support refugees.


Partnership for Refugee members are creating lasting outcomes for countries in areas such as:


Providing opportunities for more than 80,000 refugees through digital content, mentorship and classroom support.


Helping more than 220,000 refugees through mentorship, training, internships and job placements.


Offering opportunities for refugees to achieve self-reliance through technology and financial inclusion (6 million refugees).

Partnership for Refugees members pledge to create a long-term, sustainable impact on refugees residing in countries on the front lines of this crisis and in countries of resettlement. Accenture is proud to have helped bring this distinguished group together under the partnership and to be among them as peers in this effort.

We are honored to have worked with the White House, State Department and USA for UNHCR to transition and merge the Partnership with the Tent Foundation to provide long-term sustainability of the partnership and where Accenture now serves as the lead for Employment and Entrepreneurship.


The Tent Partnership For Refugees was a valuable external validator for LinkedIn when launching our refugee employment program, Welcome Talent, in 2015. As we expand our initiative, the partnership allows us to collaborate on best practices and share expertise to enable companies to use their own assets to help refugees around the world.

Maryam Ghofraniha

Head of Global Partnerships
and Welcome Talent,
LinkedIn For Good

The global refugee crisis of this scale requires—indeed demands—innovative private sector philanthropic investments and partnerships. USA for UNHCR was honored to work alongside the State Department, White House and Accenture on the Partnership for Refugees, to help corporate leaders deepen the impact for refugees and ultimately help refugees to survive, recover and build a better future.

Anne-Marie Grey

Executive Director and CEO, USA for UNHCR


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