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North America-based global investment bank: Risk management

Accenture created a Web-based system to aid a global investment bank with risk management and compliance processes. Read the full client success story.


Accenture created an automated Web-based system for compliance processes to reduce risks and increase information transparency using an employee self-service model.

The bank wanted to better manage compliance processes and provide automated workflow and reporting for many functions that were performed manually. It aimed to design and develop a Web-based system of record for all employee-related compliance data, allowing employees, managers, and compliance personnel to view compliance profiles, while encouraging a self-service model.


Accenture designed future state process flow diagrams and use cases as well as the base solution for core compliance functions: registrations, outside accounts, outside business activity, private investments and political contributions. The team also formulated the functional and technical requirements.

Accenture collaborated with the client to accomplish the following goals.

  • Reduced regulatory, legal and reputation risks, supporting global and region-specific requirements.
  • Began moving ownership of registrations compliance activities to managers and their employees.
  • Minimized time required to become properly registered (new and changed roles).
  • Greater transparency of information throughout the process.

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