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Managing risk through data security transformation


Accenture helps a pension firm assess cyber security vulnerability, transform IT operations and plan strategy.

A large Finnish employment pension company wanted to strengthen its overall data cyber security capabilities, define a security baseline and adopt a constant development mindset by adopting a long-term safety outlook.

Accenture helped the company plan and implement a security transformation program that focused on strengthening its risk readiness while helping improve its decision-making for future investments in security systems and processes.


The company wanted to conduct a maturity analysis of its security skills to understand the current state of readiness against threat. It needed to ensure the highest level of data protection for confidential customer records. The company decided to develop a security program aligned to its goal of making sound security investment decisions as well as ensuring maximum return on investment.

Accenture was selected based on successful execution of security projects in the past as well as its proven methodologies, reference models and best practices.


Accenture Security Practice created a roadmap for security transformation to help increase the company’s capabilities by implementing a multiyear security approach, budget plan and software development.

The solution had two phases:

  1. Developing a long-term security strategy

  2. Implementing key security-related IT projects

Accenture’s security transformation program has helped the company define a security baseline and seek greater value from security-related systems and processes.


Within a year of this ongoing security program, Accenture has helped the client sustainably improve capabilities to develop skilled resources for ongoing security management, increase the company’s knowledge in security domain and greatly influenced the way in which the company invests in security. The project has also enabled effective long-term security investment decisions while ensuring maximum return on investment, and established a security baseline to measure cyber security capabilities on an ongoing basis, while significantly improving internal security awareness and overall security visibility and planning.

"Accenture’s security transformation program has helped the company define a cyber security baseline and seek greater value from security-related systems and processes."

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