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Larusmiani e-commerce that's a cut above the rest



e-Commerce that’s a cut above the rest

Since 1922, Larusmiani has been a symbol of impeccable Milanese tailoring and style. While celebrities and icons have had this address in their little black books for decades, it remained a challenge of how to present the boutique’s intimacy to an online audience. We came in to propose an ecommerce solution "eBoutique," that encompassed unique video technology that gives a virtual window into the collections, as well as a unique e-concierge service so that all customers can still experience the unique values of the Larusmiani brand.


e-Commerce that’s a cut above the rest



Putting the "E" into "Exclusive"
The one-of-a-kind eBoutique we designed puts the customer first through the Accenture Digital Catalogue: transforming products into luxury experiences and offering services tailored to individual customer needs. Larusmiani’s dedication to its clientele shines through and allows the eBoutique to extend the brand’s stylist personalities. Customers can interact with the videos, which showcase each product collection, to figure out what suits their personal needs. The eConcierge, which is manned entirely by the in-store team, offers services such as customer pick-up in a customized Bentley, and tailoring for their clothing. Clients can even reserve items online to collect in the boutique, allowing the brand to create a connection between a client’s digital and physical presence.
Putting the "E" into "Exclusive"’ 
But HOW did we create this seamless connection from site to store? Our solution was the Accenture Digital Catalogue, an app that supports the sales process end-to-end, simplifying and enriching the interaction among stakeholders and boosting the in-store experience. Featuring a combination of augmented reality, personal assistance and image recognition, it makes the showroom fully digitalized, virtually expanding the sample collection. The app is also integrated with the order management system, showcasing the whole collection while taking orders simultaneously, speeding up the sales session.
Even better than that, it is discerning, just as clients would expect their in-store advisors to be, personalizing the offers specifically designed for each individual.



A Larusmiani Customer – Always

Customers can now receive the exclusive Larusmiani treatment from way beyond the confines of the physical Boutique itself, with an e-service provided by the very same staff that will look after them instore. And these newfound digital capabilities have allowed Larusmiani to create a distinctive edge that sets them apart from even the biggest brands in the e-marketplace, all while staying true to their rich heritage and personalized customer experiences. So, whether a customer finds their perfect fit in-store or has a garment sent-out through eBoutique, they’ll always have the personalized distinction of being a Larusmiani customer.