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Aligning processes and growth strategy

A large pulp company collaborated with Accenture to develop a business process roadmap on its journey to high performance.


A large pulp company faced rapid growth and global market expansion, resulting in increasing business complexity. The client asked Accenture to evaluate its current commercial and international processes and identify alignment with the company's growth strategy. Accenture worked with the client to assess the "as is" process model, identify key performance indicators and local requirements for a future model, and create a roadmap identifying "quick wins" and evaluating longer-term benefits. The company now has a process design that aligns with its growth strategy.



Rapid growth and global market expansion had resulted in increasing business complexity for the company. As a result, the organization was challenged with:

  • Isolated IT systems supporting different operational requirements.

  • Intensive use of manual tools in the management of company operations.

  • Lack of standardization for business processes across company locations.

The client asked Accenture to evaluate its current commercial and international logistics processes and business rules, and create alignment with the company’s growth strategy. The project intended to identify local requirements for international offices and trading, addressing these points in new process design, supporting the company in new policy development, and building training materials to facilitate business process transition.


The client and Accenture worked together to:

  • Confirm existing business rules: This included interviewing more than 20 commercial, logistics and financial stakeholders (in all of the client’s locations) to define current processes and local specificities. Accenture helped to develop an “as is” process map, documenting 62 findings across the client’s current global operations.

  • Hold workshops with the trading team to identify key performance indicators: Accenture used several proprietary assets and tools––such as a high performance pulp and paper business model, and a commodity trading and risk management model––to guide the design of a recommended operating model.

  • Create a roadmap to identify “quick wins” and evaluate the impact of potential longer-term benefits: Accenture’s solution considered operations in highly competitive markets such as Asia, and well-defined markets such as North America.

Accenture provided the client with training materials to manage the transition to new business processes. Additionally, Accenture added value by identifying new functionalities to improve sales force effectiveness—including invoice payment status, updated sales volume and stock position—which could improve the negotiation process with customers and decrease the need for constant contact with sales assistants to retrieve this type of information.


After just ten weeks, the client and Accenture successfully implemented:

  • An assessment of current gaps and opportunities in the client’s international operations.

  • A process design to align the client’s international business processes with its growth strategy.

  • A standardized set of commercial and international logistics business rules, allowing the company to better compare business results among business units.

  • A roadmap identifying control, profitability and compliance levels, and adhering to local requirements for the company’s international offices and trading.

After the implementation of all of Accenture’s recommendations, the client will be able to obtain monthly financial reports that provide accuracy and comparability in its business operations. In addition, the client will be able to better analyze the operations of its business units and geographic regions with data created according to the same standards and criteria.

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