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Global sales platform consolidation

Accenture helped a global communication organization drive its performance to a whole new level using Salesforce Sales Cloud® and Chatter™.


A global communications organization needed to integrate its various sales and marketing systems into a single platform to streamline its sales processes and improve its pipeline and collaboration capabilities. Accenture helped architect, develop and implement a Salesforce® solution using Sales Cloud® and Chatter™ for more than 8,000 users in 90 countries within four months. With the new platform in place, the company can now quickly adapt to its changing business needs with biweekly system releases. Additionally, the company expanded its market reach, improved account coverage and lowered overall distribution costs. Chatter allowed sales representatives to close deals more quickly and collaboratively, providing vast potential for increased sales and business growth.


Following a series of acquisitions and rapid growth, the company was faced with a complex portfolio of systems and processes. This led to issues with accuracy in sales pipeline forecasting, longer customer onboarding times, slowed contribution from marketing-driven leads to pipeline, and minimal accountability or tracking for cross-team collaboration. The company needed a next-generation solution to integrate its Americas and international marketing and sales organization systems into a single global platform in order to streamline processes and improve the quality of its pipeline and collaboration capabilities.


Accenture helped with the scope, design, development, build, testing and implementation of a Salesforce Sales Cloud and Chatter solution. Accenture then deployed the solution to the company’s worldwide sales and marketing groups for the company’s enterprise, medium, cloud and channel business sales groups. The deployment spanned 90 countries and integrated seven systems into a single strategic cloud-based global platform for over 8,000 users.


Accenture effectively and simultaneously implemented Sales Cloud and Chatter to more than 6,000 users, which took the team only four months, whereas similar implementations take approximately 12 to 18 months. Accenture spent an additional 15 months further enhancing the system’s functionality and adding more business user groups. With the new platform in place, the company can rapidly adjust to its changing business needs with biweekly system releases, where previously, it took up to six months. This resulted in improved sales forecast accuracy, increased marketing driven lead time, increased strategic sales productivity through enhanced collaboration and an increased marketing campaign contribution to the pipeline.

Results from the initial release included:

  • Improved account, contact and opportunity management for over 6,000 users.

  • Chatter Collaboration for an additional 4,000 users.

  • A customized forecasting module now being used to help forecast sales.

  • About 5.3 million data records migrated to the new system.

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