NHS Midlands: Medical image sharing for neonatal care

The technology has enabled fast, collaborative medical image sharing for neonatal teams, allowing for faster transport decisions and improved care.


Accenture helped clinical staff in the NHS Midlands and East to make more efficient decisions about the need for neonatal transport via Accenture PACS Connect (APC). Faster access to images, better informed clinical decisions and improved patient care were some of the benefits that have resulted from the project.

When a newborn faces potentially life-threatening health problems, transport consultants must have rapid access to relevant medical images in order to make appropriate decisions about potentially moving the child to a different healthcare facility. The transport team and receiving Trust did not traditionally have immediate access to such images, and had to wait for the referring Trust to make them available.

This process depended on administrative teams at the referring Trust, who arranged for images to be imported the local Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), and even involved copying images to CDs and physically delivering them to the receiving Trust, in some cases.


Accenture supported the adoption of APC by applying change management skills, engaging with stakeholders across seven Trusts, including local PACS leads, IT and helpdesk teams, clinical leads and Caldicott Guardians.

Initial data indicated that the launch of APC across nine sites in the East Midlands in October 2012 was successful. Better health outcomes for patients due to improved information on which to base clinical decisions to transport newborn babies was allowing the NHS to provide better care to citizens.

There was less manual intervention required from referring Trusts, while receiving Trusts were able to better prepare for the arrival of infants being transported.