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Global software company boosts application availability with cloud migration

Turning innovative ideas into reality.


A global software company sought to boost the performance and functionality of its licensing applications which capture millions of dollars in daily revenues.

Accenture helped turn the company’s innovative ideas into reality and addressed ongoing performance problems with a few pioneering innovations: a first-ever migration of a pricing application to the company’s own cloud product and developing a lean, end-to-end database ecosystem—called a “right sizing framework”—that led to savings of more than US$5 million and reduced delivery time by two weeks.

Accenture was recognized by the company with an innovation award for this work.


With the new “right sizing framework,” it saved more than US$5 million annually through greater development and test efficiency, and realized a one-time saving of US$1 million on hardware costs.

The company was looking to:

  • Create effortless access to pricing applications for the company’s partners.

  • Cut infrastructure and maintenance costs and time-to-market.

  • Maximize and showcase cloud technology.

  • Ensure high application stability and uptime for mission-critical software licensing and pricing applications that garner millions in daily revenues during peak usage periods.


A joint team of technology specialists saw an opportunity to turn the company leadership’s cloud vision into reality while addressing the ongoing problems in the enterprise commerce IT ecosystem by migrating a suite of complex, distributed, enterprise-level pricing exception applications to the company’s cloud product.

This project established best practices for future migrations, including reusable assets and components for cloud web services.

Accenture used its cloud migration accelerator to analyze solutions, source code artifacts and recommend how to address each item.

For the company’s volume licensing applications, Accenture developed a “right sizing framework”—a lean, end-to-end database environment for their enterprise commerce application development ecosystem.

This breakthrough reduced the number of records to be migrated from 42 million to just 50,000, trimming the need for a large hardware inventory of 15 servers to just one, and addressing non-availability issues during release cycles.

It also increased the efficiency of performance testing in volume licensing release cycles by repurposing freed hardware, while drastically reducing the testing cycle and accelerating new releases. In recognition of this work, the company selected Accenture from 3,000 suppliers to win an innovation award.


Through these innovations, the technology giant has boosted the performance of its licensing applications—which capture billions in annual revenue—while reducing cost and improving IT productivity.

With the new “right sizing framework,” it saved more than US$5 million annually through greater development and test efficiency, and realized a one-time saving of US$1 million on hardware costs.

It also slashed development and testing time from 4–6 weeks to 2–3 days, delivering new functionality to customers and partners faster, which laid the foundation for using agile development and migrating additional applications to the cloud. And, they increased flexibility in cross-IT deployments.

The first-ever cloud migration within the company increased application availability to 99.9 percent, which in turn helped partners close sales faster during peak periods, increasing user satisfaction by 10 percent.

Additionally, the company saved 20 percent on infrastructure maintenance.

Another valuable outcome of the project was the creation of a customer showcase and reusable assets and components for the company’s cloud web services, which will help it, drive further market adoption of its services.