Dreams take flight


Everyone has different aspirations. Our clients’ goals and needs are more unique than ever. That’s why Fukuoka Financial Group and Accenture built a new platform called iBank to help customers make their dreams a reality.

It’s a financial services app that tailors to customers’ unique lifestyles and needs—whatever they may be. So they can set goals, small or big, and the app connects them to financial and non-financial services to achieve them.

iBank’s success comes from the strong collaborative relationship between Fukuoka Financial Group and Accenture.

“With the financial sector in Japan facing negative interest rates and a shrinking market due to an aging and declining population, iBank’s business strategy is to take a novel approach to business and create services that enhance customers’ daily lives and their futures. We’re excited to continue working with Accenture and keep finding new ways to bring new value to our customers.”

Kenichi Nagayoshi

Kenichi Nagayoshi

Assistant General Manager
Sales Strategy Division, iBank Business Group
Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc.
CEO, iBank Marketing Co., Ltd.


Fukuoka Financial Group and Accenture fostered innovation to help customers make their dreams a reality.