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Easy access to data with Manage myBusiness


Accenture has undertaken a goal of transforming itself into an insights-driven enterprise that simplifies business decisions by embedding AI at the core of its operating model.

Business performance management is high on Accenture’s digital agenda—particularly for teams managing the relationship and health of Accenture’s client accounts, and for executives leading the operations of large Accenture business units. As Accenture grew and diversified, its operational environment had become increasingly complex. And so did corporate reporting.

Teams and leaders need instantaneous and continuous understanding of client account and business unit performance. They need information that is online, intuitive, secure and actionable. Accenture’s internal IT organization and the business pursued the opportunity to transform the existing environment with streamlined, cohesive and more intelligent information platforms to strengthen account leadership’s ability to make more effective business decisions.



Pursuing an insights-driven transformation required action on two tracks: using data and analytics to transform current processes, and helping Accenture leaders prepare for changes in business practice and culture.

The initial journey focused on enabling core client account management capabilities on a digital and integrated analytics technology foundation. Internal IT then added focus on business unit leadership. Information needed to be standard but personal—aligning leaders around a common metric set tailored to their specific sphere of influence.

Design thinking advanced an experience environment that helped increase adoption of the new technologies. Adoption also required and fostered culture change within Accenture’s front-office leaders, as they became more insight-driven in management behavior. This change then enabled management processes to evolve from function administration to enterprise collaboration.

A loosely coupled service architecture and DevSecOps foundation provides the flexibility to deploy features continuously and stay always-on—an architecture that scales to additional applications.

“Manage myBusiness is fantastic. We can now move away from heavy, disparate reports to real-time evaluation. We spend less time preparing for a conversation and more time driving actions. It allows me to drive behaviors immediately, gaining a huge leap in efficiency.”

Jean Becker
Group Operating Officer – Products, Accenture


Accenture leaders now use Manage myBusiness to access relevant and actionable insight of client account and business unit performance to manage overall business performance. Its uptake has been positive:

Deployed to 15,000 users in 9 months

50 countries

450% increase in engagement in one year

Used 40,000 times monthly by client account leaders

Accenture continues to drive toward becoming an insights-driven enterprise, increasingly using AI to aid in making decisions. The company’s investment in Manage myBusiness has allowed internal IT to simplify legacy reporting architectures and re-invest budget in its predictive AI road map.

Human-centered design and technology allow Accenture to scale business dialogue faster across more stakeholders, continuously innovate and drive adoption of new AI-powered solutions for the future. This foundation empowers Accenture’s transformation of management processes, leadership culture and business performance outcomes.