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A communications leader saves £45 million with application testing

Taking application testing services to the next level.


Accenture helped consolidate testing suppliers from five to two and establish an intelligent test factory that will save the company £45M over four years using an output-based commercial model.

These dramatic savings are delivered through a greater than 95 percent offshore solution, a rapid transition of 550 FTEs in four months, and extensive automation supported by advanced tools such as the patented Accenture Intelligent Test framework.


In 2011, the company decided to consolidate vendors and create an application test factory.

They had already achieved significant cost and quality improvements by establishing independent test services three years earlier, utilizing five different vendors, including Accenture.

With the new initiative, the company was looking at building a test factory with common processes and economies of scale and driving next-level cost reduction on services already offshored. In addition, drive efficiency and quality throughout the lifecycle by retaining test intelligence and “shift left” in the V model of development.


Accenture now runs testing for three of the company’s four market-facing units to help the company:

  • Successfully transition more than 550 full time equivalents (FTEs) within four months across four locations and two incumbent vendors.

  • Implement a simplified operating model using a 98 percent offshore team of 800 FTEs in India.

  • Implement an output-based commercial model using “test points” to underpin the cost savings and provide a single commercial currency.

  • Establish an intelligent test factory characterized by extensive automation, reuse and a focus on end-to-end application quality, supported by advanced tools including:

    • Accenture Intelligent Test (AIT)—a patented suite of tools and framework which improves full test lifecycle efficiency and reuse through modular test preparation and a sophisticated rule-based approach to prioritize and assign testing activities.

    • Accenture Test Repository for the Communications industry—a library of industry-specific test scripts.

    • Cutting-edge market tools, such as Stormtest, which enabled IPTV testing to be carried out offshore.


With its intelligent test factory in place, the company is realizing dramatic cost reduction, improved quality and wider delivery lifecycle benefits.

  • The company will generate £45 million in savings—more than 40 percent—over four years.

  • Testing productivity will increase by 40 percent over four years as well, as a result of holistic test automation and process standardization.

  • In the first year, the company saw an improvement in defect acceptance of 20 percent and dramatic progress in service quality, with all stringent service level agreements met and no priority one or two production issues due to test misses.

  • Quality testing has played a critical role in the launch of many high-profile programs, including IPTV services viewed by more than 700,000 subscribers; and, complex network technologies and products that connect global corporate and government agencies.

£45 million in savings over four years.

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