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Autoneum: Product Lifecycle Management transformation

Read how Accenture helped Autoneum to transform its approach to adopt next generation end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management.


Accenture helped European automotive component maker Autoneum transform its approach to Product Lifecycle Management. The effort integrated processes and advanced technology and data tools to turn what was once a barrier to higher performance into a competitive advantage.

Autoneum is the global technology leader in acoustic and thermal management solutions for motor vehicles. Autoneum’s leadership was won through use of advanced technology and continuous innovation, and the company enjoys long-standing relationships with a diversified customer base.

Autoneum is committed to operational excellence, of which an efficient cost structure is a critical part. A review of its operating model identified several opportunities to capture greater efficiency, however. One significant barrier to reaching its operational and cost goals was the misalignment of Autoneum’s PLM and ERP processes, particularly the separate data management used for these related processes.

This in turn led to other operating disparities, namely a lack of integration of people, processes, and tools across key functions, from finance to product development and manufacturing, and procurement. Given that its core business was manufacturing automotive parts, Autoneum was specifically concerned about how the lack of consistent processes and data flows elongated production setups, which could have significant impact on revenue and customer satisfaction as Autoneum was faced with ever-shorter deadlines from customers.


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Accenture was selected to assist Autoneum in assessing and improving its operations. A particular focus was the company’s approach to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). One opportunity quickly identified was the need to migrate and integrate data from multiple sources to allow Autoneum manufacturing teams to pull production specifications from one, single data source to achieve the quick production set-ups needed.

On a more general level, however, Autoneum and Accenture identified several technical and organizational enhancements that could enable the PLM transformation that Autoneum sought.


The holistic approach to PLM transformation adopted by Autoneum included core process redesign, adoption of new enabling tools and employee change management and coaching. Specifically, the Autoneum-Accenture team:

  • Prepared for migration and transition from legacy Teamcenter Enterprise to the next generation Teamcenter platform by integrating SAP solutions that enabled a “Design Everywhere, Build Anywhere” approach.

  • Migrated over 620,000 objects during a single weekend.

  • Supported change management with Teamcenter capabilities, adapted to the CMII closed loop change management standard procedures.

  • Introduced a BOM Management concept to support multiple manufacturing plants (M-BOM) and lines out of a single E-BOM.

The Accenture team collaborated with Autoneum experts to refine all product business processes, from Ideation and Engineering to Supply Chain Management and Serial Production. Supporting procedures and sub-processes were also scrutinized, and more efficient ways of performing critical activities like program definition, costing and part/ process engineering were piloted. The new workflows were enabled by a collection of new tools, including a PLM system that used SAP solutions and integrated it with a supplier portal. This new architecture allowed for faster and more accurate exchange of product data and orders, as well as a unified data repository which minimized production mistakes.

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