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Analytics transformation for large brewing company

Accenture Applied Intelligence shapes an analytics vision, designs a new operating model and sets up an agile analytics platform to deliver game-changing insights.


Seeking to out-maneuver competitors, a large brewing company teamed with Accenture to shape an analytics vision, design a new operating model and set up an agile analytics platform to deliver game-changing insights.

With beer losing market share to other alcohol categories, a large brewing company needed to develop better insights from its data to maintain competitiveness and boost sales, and turned to Accenture Applied Intelligence for help.

Accenture worked closely with the senior executive team to define the analytics strategy and a new operating model to govern analytics more effectively, and to map out a multiyear journey aimed at differentiating the company in the beer marketplace, identifying $150 million in potential benefits from analytics.


Faced with decreasing sales volumes due to a shrinking market and increasing competition, the company recognized the need to invest in its analytics capabilities to better understand consumers, partners and market opportunities, and steer the business towards success. The company sought to develop an analytics strategy and an implementation roadmap that would enable it to use data-driven insights to catch up with, and even surpass, its competitors.


The company teamed with Accenture on a multiyear transformational program to:

  • Define a vision, strategy and priority capabilities for analytics

  • Develop a dedicated operating model and organization

  • Prove the value of analytics through proof of concepts (POCs)

  • Scale the delivery of analytics capabilities by providing the supporting technology and skills.

First, Accenture conducted a comprehensive diagnostic and prioritization of more than 30 analytics capabilities from input across the organization.

This was followed by the creation of a new operating model designed to provide clarity on how insights and analytics would be governed and deployed.

Next, with the strategic capabilities identified and prioritized, a future state reference architecture was designed, and data to support the capabilities was identified and defined.

Then, a series of POCs was executed to show how analytics can drive value for the company. With the success of the POCs, Accenture is providing the platform and skills required to build and scale its analytics capabilities. A joint team of Accenture and company resources will deliver agile analytics services and assets to the business.

"Through our work with Accenture, we were able to understand where we were and where we needed to go. We developed a roadmap for advancing analytics and insights to drive sustainable growth"
Vice President of Insights & Analytics


With Accenture’s help, the company can now leverage analytics to focus on value-generating opportunities and capture the potential benefits estimated at more than $150 million across functions—including revenue uplift and operating efficiencies. This will come from the development of analytic capabilities related to commercial insights, marketing, and sales.

Accenture Insights Platform

Accenture Insights Platform

How can your enterprise harness business-critical information to make smart, strategic decisions? How can you tap into a wealth of knowledge, without a huge investment of time and money?

At Accenture Applied Intelligence, we work at the intersection of technology and business-helping our clients become insights-driven enterprises. The Accenture Insights Platform is fast, flexible and scalable-ready to transform performance in weeks, not years.

By drawing on pre-configured technologies and in-depth experience, the Accenture Insights Platform is designed for rapid mobilization. It gives you a complete turnkey solution, quickly and efficiently. Your organization becomes on its way to enlightening and empowering your people with always-on data.


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