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California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS): Integrated Pension and Benefits System

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) leadership recognized that its 49 independent legacy systems were not sustainable. Customer and stakeholder demands would continue to escalate and evolve, and the decades-old legacy systems would not have adequate capacity to effectively support core services and pension components.

CalPERS selected Accenture as the systems integrator for the initiative. The size and scope of the implementation was unlike anything the pension industry had seen before. It involved converting 3.2 billion health and pension records from 49 legacy systems into a streamlined web-based platform involving 2 million lines of code.

After launch, more than 1,000 internal CalPERS users went from using one to ten legacy systems daily to using one system. Results include:

  • 12 million payroll transactions processed since launch, representing more than $10 billion in payroll records.

  • More than 15,500 new retirees and beneficiaries have been added to the system.

  • Since launching, the system has had only two hours of unplanned downtime.

  • Round the clock 24/7 service options are now available for business partners, members, dependents and beneficiaries.

  • The new web-platform has been broadly supported with 100% of employees and business providers adopting it to manage benefits.

  • The integrated platform has reduced the time it takes to implement changes by 83%.