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Accenture and Lacoste: An online business case study

Learn from Lacoste's online business case study how to break into a new market.


Lacoste selected Accenture due to its multichannel platform, excellent track record in navigating the legal and cultural challenges related to launching online businesses in China, and ability to deliver quality online experiences to Chinese consumers for other brands and businesses.

Through close collaboration, Accenture is helping Lacoste achieve its goal of turning China into its largest retail market.

In this video, Sébastien Fayet, Head of Digital Commerce, Lacoste, discusses how Accenture is helping Lacoste achieve its goal of turning China into its largest retail market.


Lacoste was seeking to tap into China’s 550 million online shoppers. Although China presents an enormous opportunity, quickly establishing a digital presence in the Chinese market—which has a very complex regulatory, business, cultural and language environment—could prove difficult.

As a result, many successful digital tactics in the West have not been as effective in China. Lacoste perceived that the unique e-commerce environment in China would require tailored e-commerce offerings.

Together, Accenture and Lacoste China designed, built and operated a platform that included the official Lacoste website and e-Shop, as well as Lacoste brand sites on digital malls, like Tmall.

After a successful launch, the Accenture Interactive team will now maintain the platform, upgrade required functionalities and manage content to support Lacoste in driving rapid online growth in China.


Accenture’s ongoing support over a four-year contract will help Lacoste to hit the ground running and grow its digital business to achieve business targets. Accenture has helped Lacoste keep many balls in the air, coordinating requirements, local providers and technology in a timely, fluid manner.

In addition, since the Accenture E-commerce Solution for China taps into skilled resources and local experience, Lacoste has been able to establish a digital presence in the market much more quickly than by doing it alone. With the cloud platform based on Demandware Commerce and a pool of talent from Accenture China, Lacoste can easily and rapidly scale up the technology to meet potential business demand.

All of Accenture’s work behind the scenes means Lacoste can focus on building and expanding its brand in China.