Accenture: Human Resources BPO

Accenture HR BPO Services helps parent company improve efficiencies, streamline workflows and reduce HR spend.


Accenture never stands outside the marketplace looking in. It participates fully, examining trends and testing ideas for value and longevity—often setting trends itself. In doing this, the company constantly re-examines its mission and finds new approaches that can benefit customers big and small.

Accenture saw a unique opportunity in HR outsourcing. A series of technological and process revolutions were underway in human resources management.

By applying these innovations to BPO, it established Accenture HR BPO Services, which is charged with providing the most innovative, high-quality and cost-effective human resources services on an outsourced basis in the marketplace.

…the planned savings to Accenture increased to $15 million—nearly five times what was saved in the former year. Incremental year on year savings, since then, have continued to contribute to Accenture’s bottom-line financial success.


One of Accenture HR BPO Services’ greatest challenges was delivering industry-leading human resources solutions to its parent company. Accenture knew that it could not ask business leaders to try out this innovative approach to HR management unless it was willing to do it first.

In forming this family partnership, Accenture HR BPO Services discovered that an HR business process outsourcing relationship requires much more than a suite of services. It requires an entirely new philosophy of HR—one built on sensitivity, collaboration and constant improvement.

While remaining an integral part of Accenture, Accenture HR BPO Services’ innovative HR approach—focused on turning its clients into high-performance organizations—helped it evolve into a unique provider with its own professional identity and philosophy.

This partnership has revolutionized how Accenture thinks about people matters.

Accenture HR BPO Services is now a full-time innovation partner for Accenture and is always striving for continuous improvement. It is eager to get ahead of the curve both in its unique market niche and in making its relationships as productive as possible.


Accenture saw an opportunity for getting the most out of the installed base of human resources information systems (HRIS)—and sought a strategic partner that had already made the transition to a modern, shared-services HR model. The decision to partner with and learn from BT was critical in helping create Accenture HR BPO Services.

The solution that Accenture HR BPO Services put in place for its parent company is one that contractually binds the firm to reducing Accenture’s total HR spend by a compounded $150 million over seven years. Four principal levers were employed to achieve this goal:

  • Technology

  • Labor cost efficiency

  • Process redesign and improvement

  • The expansion of shared services centers and site consolidation

Accenture HR BPO Services’ technology approach relies on employee and manager self-service tools that lower costs, improve efficiency and make processes freely available.

  • Employees can now view and edit important personnel and benefits information online.

  • Workflow is streamlined through tools that automate back-office recruiting processes as well as performance and compensation management.

  • Additional online processes include significant e-recruiting applications, wholesale performance management processes and compensation management tools.

  • The end result was a delivery model made up of six hubs and eight cities—with a significant consolidation of the workforce that saves millions annually.


Accenture HR BPO Services took highly customized HR services and transformed them into streamlined, standardized services as follows:

  • A growing global capability—Accenture HR BPO Services has a global presence, with service centers in key geographies.

  • People-based technology—Accenture saw an opportunity for getting the most out of the installed base of human resources information systems.

  • Getting the most out of the employee base—Companies can decide for themselves how much leverage they want to gain from using a variety of labor markets to perform their services.

  • Beating targets, raising sights—Accenture HR BPO Services never lacks new ideas—and plans to continue expanding the scope of services provided to Accenture well into the future.

  • Reinventing HR processes—Outsourcing does not just put a new HR process in place; it creates momentum for continued innovation that can lead to day-to-day service enhancements throughout the life of a contract.

  • Delivering a full suite of services, one process at a time—Accenture HR BPO Services was designed to provide a full suite of HR BPO services the extent of which is determined by the needs of the customer.