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CPOs: Drive growth through supply innovation

Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) are driving growth through supply innovations and enhancing the performance metric for procurement’s success.

Sustainability and ZBx

Leaders in ZBx realize that you can't optimize for profitability alone. Learn how strategic prioritization requires a 360-degree view.

TMO is not PMO with a facelift

Transformation Management Office (TMO) is a Robust Capability Ensuring Digital Transformations Deliver on Initiatives.

What’s holding utilities back?

Utilities companies can apply organizational change in capacity and velocity to transform and grow the core business.

Blockchain in media: More than a one-hit wonder

The media industry’s next major disruptive technology is blockchain.

Three things ecosystem masters get right

Learn what 3 things ecosystem masters are doing right in order to help make strong market plays that drive disruptive growth.

How ecosystems create value for their members

Ecosystem-based companies are creating value on a global scale. Find out what organizations can do to evolve towards an ecosystem-based business model.

Retention reinvented: A new growth driver

New capabilities in analytics, raw computing power and behavioral science have created a new focus on customer retention strategy.

Analytics and AI: Allies in navigating trade policies

What Chemical companies should know to maximize opportunities.

Corporate venture capital: Driving innovation

Corporate venture capital is an increasingly popular way to gain access to the startup ecosystem and drive innovation.

Hack your organization to increase effectiveness

Accenture's report explains why it's time to "hack" the organization by using data to provide insights as a basis for ongoing improvement.

Quartile Zero: A new way of zero-based thinking

Quartile Zero, which is at the heart of a zero-based approach to spend, is a dramatic shift away from a traditional comparative approach.

Data quality as competitive advantage

Improvements in data quality can reduce financial and operational risks, allowing an organization to implement accurate business insights.

Humans & machines: New supply chain planning team

Accenture research outlines why a new supply chain planning team comprising humans and machines is needed.

Do you know your true “cost of non-quality?"

Accenture research outlines how to fuel growth by reducing costs and reduce non-quality spend.

Utilities companies: Fast track market expansion

Accenture Strategy research found that 55% of utility executives expect their market expansion in 2020 to come from new products using SaaS.

A new diet: Leveraging AI to transform the utility mindset

Accenture research outlines how utility companies can leverage AI to pivot to new ways of doing business.

Rewiring your organization for agility

Accenture Strategy explains how agile organizations have adapted their operating model structures to be flexible, adaptable, and responsive.

Modern video’s future: Video-on-demand Nirvana

Accenture insight explains how today's demanding video-on-demand environment can be both feature rich and low cost.

New supply chain operating model: Service oriented and agile

A more flexible and service-oriented supply chain operating model can provide highly personalized service down to the individual customer level.

A changing world for European logistics providers

Why today’s models can’t keep pace with European logistics providers’ logistics networks changing requirements.

Build resilience to data compromise in three steps

3 Steps for Life Sciences organizations to build resilience against the threat of data compromise.

Building an insurance workforce to win the war for customers

Accenture report discusses why insurers will need a future workforce that is able to win the war for customers.

Unleashing the future of digital finance

The new imperative for business is exponential growth. Unleash your digital future, today.

FRAC (R)evolution: Delivering more with less

Oil and gas companies can achieve profitable growth in the Frac 2.0 era.

From back (office) to the future

Learn how leveraging a zero-based mindset as part of a digital journey, can help companies thrive in any environment.

FRAC (R)evolution: Improving returns with growth

Read how US Light Tight Oil market has once again propelled hydraulic fracturing to the forefront.

Connected hospitality: Investing in IoT to own the stay

Hospitality organizations must look to emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to differentiate.

Autonomous driving: The emerging battlefield

As the technology matures, profits have already started shifting toward mobility and connected service providers.

4 things impacting healthcare’s future workforce

Healthcare future workforce must position for success in the intelligent economy.

Auto suppliers: Are you pivoting to new growth areas wisely?

Learn how automotive suppliers can pivot to drive profitable new growth as OEMs reshape their business models in this new Accenture insight.

Navigating disruption and convergence in energy and materials

Energy- and resource-intensive companies must plan their futures in an environment where uncertainty has become systemic.

Findings of the 2018 RFID in Retail Study

Retailers are enabling and investing in RFID to meet the demands of consumers today.

Upstream development in a digital world

Two digital solutions can help oil and gas companies streamline and integrate their upstream operations.

ZBx: A catalyst to fuel growth in retail

Companies are adopting ZBx. If you are not innovating and growing, your retail brand will become extinct.

Preparing for the golden age of gas

Accenture Strategy shares three things oil and gas companies should do to gain dominant position in energy mix.

Why Blockchain should be powering your digital factory

Blockchain can enable the digital factory and transform manufacturing to spur significant growth, boost profitability, and increase sustainability.

Digital agility: From high hopes to higher value

Oil and gas companies are investing in digital to become more agile.

The sharing economy hits smart phones in a win/win

Read insights about how bringing smart phones into the sharing economy is a win/win situation.

Future of finance: Practice Applied Intelligence

Finance leaders have an opportunity to profoundly change how their organizations operate.

7 ways gas is shaping our energy future

Read more on this in our insights from the World Gas Conference 2018.

Three ways leaders accelerate healthcare decision making

How leaders can improve governance and decision making in healthcare by focusing on three areas.

Unleashing value in the health payer back office

Health Payers should drive additional growth from an often-overlooked area: the back office.

Digital unlocks the profitability of product cost analytics

Digital tools can help companies gain cost transparency and collaboration across the product team, getting new products to market quickly.

Digital technologies fuel enhanced ZBB

Accenture research finds that leading companies, including digital technologies are applying Zero-based budgeting approach across the business.

Tackling the cost of a 5G build

5G will fuel the next generation of business models—transforming how we work and play globally.

Playbook for success: Operating model transformation

Firms can greatly increase their chances of success and set a course towards long-term, profitable growth.

The next chapter in customer transformation for utilities

Read the BizTech Byte on the next chapter in customer transformation for utilities.

Enhancing business insights using data analytics and AI

The amount of data available to insurance brokers has increased dramatically in recent years.

How the U.S. wireless industry can drive future economic value

Accenture Strategy study shows the wireless industry has a larger impact on U.S. economy than many realize, contributing US$475 billion in GDP.

“Organize to Analyze”—How integrated business services enable enterprise-wide analytics

Leading companies extend their use of shared services to manage enterprise-wide analytics capabilities.

The case for optimism and growth in local media

Local media must find ways to evolve their core offerings while pivoting their businesses to meet customer's needs.

The future of compute: No servers. Just services.

Cloud-based services provide that speed and flexibility in a way no other technology can.

Digital voice assistants

Disrupting the disruptors, and probably you next.

End of the local telecom store? Not so fast...

The days of Telecom retail stores driving communication service provider (CSP) company growth are over.

Fast, targeted, fit for purpose: Rethinking IT integration in M&A

Technology is a key driver to M&A outcomes, as an enabler to capture value faster, and as a new category of assets and capabilities for the business.

Leaders are taking their vitamin Z

Leaders are taking their Vitamin Z: ZBx, a zero-based mindset.

Using ZBx to power the M&A machine

Using a Zero-based mindset (ZBx) to power M&A.

Oil and Gas: How do you compete with free?

Learn why oil and gas companies should use all the data they have available.

Utilities executives: Why reinvent the wheel on diversification opportunities?

Utilities are facing diminishing markets, tighter available margins and higher competition from both new entrants and traditional competitors.

The consumer goods supply chain: Growth engine or growth enemy?

With a zero-based mindset, companies can unlock supply chain savings for reinvestment now.

The Intelligent Broker, Part 1

Improving processes through automation.

Is your working capital really working?

As companies continue to invest in innovation and respond to disruption, the ability to optimize the use of working capital will be a key enabler of strategy.

A new formula for oil and gas exploration

Oil and gas companies are focusing their exploration activities on low-risk opportunities.

Reconfiguring the supply chain to serve segments of one

Steps to creating supply chain ecosystems that can power growth and competitive advantage in the coming years.

Scaling an insights factory for B2B growth

An Insights Factory turns raw data into highly valuable insights that can help B2B companies grow and make better decisions.

AI – a retail growth opportunity hiding in plain sight

Retail AI will extend across the value chain transforming marketing, merchandising, customer engagement and supply chain. Consider the possibilities.

Automation in consumer
goods: People led,
technology enabled

Consumer packaged goods (CPG)
multinationals must embrace digital
disruption as fully as their people are.

Re-imagining the future of upstream production operations

Key concepts illustrating part of Accenture's re-imagined production domain vision.

Ecosystem-based business models

A playbook for agility and growth.

Architecting the 2025 supply chain

Is your supply chain future ready? Read the immediate steps you can take to prepare for the future supply chain.

Zeroing out the past

Zero-based organization designs the
right operating model needed to fuel

Mitigate the risk of GDPR in Pharma M&A

Research finds that Pharmaceutical executives anticipate their M&A activity will drive substantial growth.

Analytics: Getting out of the starting blocks

Accenture research explains how Chief Financial Officers are using data and analytics to drive higher returns on investment.

Three things every finance leader should do to accelerate their digital agenda-Part 2

Finance leaders say good-bye to traditional finance function in digital evolution.

Unconventionals: Fueling the next shale evolution

Unconventional oil and gas must maintain their focus on optimizing efficiencies and oil-well economics.

Digital ecosystem partnerships

An enabler to competitive same-day delivery service.

Recharge semiconductor growth with M&A

Semiconductor companies use M&A as a tool to help them transform their business.

Cornerstone of future growth: Ecosystems

Businesses must pursue innovative, agile business models to remain competitive and grow outside of their own industry—and many perceive ecosystems as a strong opportunity to do so.

Digital value or digital vanity?

When companies zero base digital they understand benefits from digital investments.

Four disruption-fueled growth opportunities make energy prices irrelevant

What new business models will innovative approaches yield? Four possibilities have been identified.

Brave new R&D

Insights on delivering digital value in drug discovery and development

Moore...or less?

Semiconductor companies can keep pace with Moore’s Law. The question is whether they should.

US employers need to step up to skill up for AI

Read how AI can improve productivity and drive efficiencies.

Can intelligent fulfillment fix retail delivery woes?

Retailers need to investigate alternative options for fulfillment.

Putting the consumer back into consumer-packaged goods

Digital can help CPG companies live up to the “consumer” in their moniker – putting the focus back on the consumer.

Technology in M&A: Catalyst or enabler of change?

In M&A two roles for technology are coming into sharp focus: Catalyst or Enabler.

Banking M&A: The digital fix

Banking M&A is on the rise, but its main source of value no longer lies in mere size or scale.

Flip side of the digital revolution

Find out what companies can do to reap the full value from digital responsibility.

Who’s the boss when people and robots work together?

Accenture’s blog explains how technology and human ingenuity combine to drive new sources of innovation and growth across the supply chain.

Owning the ZBx change. Literally.

The C-suite: On the front line of cost management.

Three things every finance leader should do to accelerate their digital agenda

The first in a three-part series addressing how finance leaders can accelerate their digital agenda.

The cloud partnering proposition: APIs and microservices

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and microservices enable partnering.

Are city shoppers
getting secondhand

Consumer packaged goods
companies are overlooking growth
opportunities in developed market

3 steps to making same-day delivery a cost reduction solution

Accenture Strategy found that same-day delivery can be executed for cost reduction.

Blockchain for the supply chain

Leaders must commit to blockchain as a foundational technology for the supply networks of the future.

Sweetening the deal: Digitizing M&A

Digital technologies increase M&A deal speed, as well as foster new M&A-related business models previously not possible.

3 ways to maximize the value from your technology spend

Extracting value from technology is essential for growth and competitiveness.

Making IT work

Learn how business and IT executives predict massive change ahead for the IT workforce, but many still underestimate its scale, speed and scope.

RFID: A nexus of customer experience, profitability and technology

RFID should be at the heart of every Retailer's omnichannel strategy.

Resilience: A foundation for growth and profitability in Life Sciences

The ability of an organization to recover from difficulty, adapt to change and persevere in the face of unexpected disruption.

AI: The momentum mindset

How to find a more agile way of approaching AI to place your company among the leaders in unlocking new sources of growth.

Get serious (about culture change)

Our research has found that, since 2013, zero-based budgeting has exponentially grown by 57 percent every year.

Different strokes for different folks: Secret sauce to acquiring digital capabilities

Organizations must adopt the appropriate technology at the right time, using the right methodology.

Shaping the agile

Businesses must be agile to succeed in
this changing world. And an agile
business requires an agile workforce.

Exploring blockchain: Optimizing maintenance

Learn how blockchain introduces trust back into the process by offering transparency, fidelity and a clear audit trail.

Beyond the Zero-Based Budgeting buzz

How to separate the facts from the hype surrounding Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB).

Are we measuring what matters?

The Top 10 strategic growth drivers identified by business leaders.

Revenue growth: Perception or reality?

Executives are bullish on growth prospects but blind to threats that undermine business and operating models.

The Activist CFO—An opportunity not a threat

For many CFOs an activist investor threat can be a significant distraction because time, resources and focus are diluted.

The front office: Where profits go to die

Zero-based commercial (ZBC) drives customer profitability, growth and efficiency.

Make music, not noise

Achieve connected growth with
ecosystem orchestration.

Build, buy or partner? Making the most of M&A strategy in Consumer Goods

Large Consumer Goods companies are searching for the growth formula that works.

The writing's on the well

Oil and gas companies are about to enter a new paradigm. It is being shaped by a combination of factors that are flipping the energy industry on its head.

Exceed expectations with extraordinary customer experiences

Humans have made M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions, an art. Adding technology makes it a science.

Tech-led M&A: From art to science

Humans have made M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions, an art. Adding technology makes it a science.

Gen Z rising - Global edition

How can employers show new graduates the benefits of a large company experience before these potential employees make their first job choice?

B2B: Better to best

B2B executives consider customer experience to be a critical factor for success. Four areas across the customer engagement lifecycle to set CX masters apart.

Adapt to survive

An agile operating model is essential for the digital age.

Put your trust in hyper - relevance

Leaders take personalized customer experiences to a whole new level

Excellence in medical management

The path to workers’ compensation profitability is digital

Future Workforce:
Reworking the Revolution

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI),
business success will increasingly depend on
people and machines collaborating with each other.

Customer centricity in utilities

Consumer demands on utilities are far different than on most other industries because energy purchases are considered more and more as a basic commodity.

Exponential growth powered by AI

Learn how AI must evolve from being a hot new trend to a seamless enabler — woven into the fabric of the enterprise and working alongside and augmenting people.

Utilities at a crossroads:
Live in the past or conquer the future

There is a powerful opportunity for electric utilities to
use cost management and technology innovation to
improve margins and fuel growth.

HR sparks a change

A high-velocity business operating in
today’s disruption-fueled
environment requires a high-velocity

Employee experience

Learn how the employee experience
is the new battleground for
competitive advantage.

Distribution debunked
to unlock growth

Integrated distributor engagement
model for emerging markets.

Is your supply chain in a death spiral?

Zero based supply chain: Deliver
superior supply chain performance
at the right cost while fueling growth.

What’s your company’s AI IQ?

Learn how companies using AI to its full sophistication have the key to leapfrogging competitors.

Connected wellness:
Livening-up life insurance

Evolve the life insurance value
proposition from compensation to
wellness to drive relevancy and growth.

Healthcare talent shortage: Fact or fiction?

Learn what U.S. providers need to know about the 2030 healthcare future workforce.

Reroute your strategy
for last-mile delivery

It's time to rethink logistics
operations strategies to stay
competitive—before it's too late.

Live the growth dream in Asia

Learn how companies can go digital to unleash $4 trillion in new consumer goods spending in Asia.

Multi-speed IT sourcing
strategy for high speed

It’s time for a Multi-Speed IT
Sourcing Strategy.

Life insurers' secret weapon:
behavioral economics

Learn how behavioral economics can drive middle
market growth in life insurance.

The right chemistry for resilience

The chemical industry is affected by economic cyclicality
with volatile customer demand and fluctuating raw material prices.

A catalyst for chemicals growth

Chemicals companies are missing out on opportunity due to a lack of project resources and outdated ways of project execution.