Accenture Video Solution


The video services market moves fast. And the AVS platform is ready to
adapt to the future of digital video, today. Drive innovation and speed
ahead of the curve with our cloud-based micro services architecture,
DevOps approach and agile roadmap.


Power your competitiveness with an agile and scalable platform.
Move at the speed of your customers with AVS, and swiftly add
components or deploy new features. Open to a complete ecosystem
of third party technologies, AVS smoothly integrates with legacy
applications for a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.
Primed to adapt to your business needs,
AVS is efficient where you need it to be, when you need it to be.

With AVS, you can move at the speed of service hungry consumers, and onboard and deploy innovations consistently – and rapidly.


The AVS Software Development Kit (SDK) enables you to quickly and smoothly develop and maintain end user applications through a wide set of client libraries and a large catalog of sample code.

API Gateway

Our Application Programming Interface (API) Gateway abstracts and specializes features for single devices and user segments, maximizing your flexibility to choose which micro service should serve end user requests.

Micro Service Video Delivery Platform

AVS has micro service architecture that segments software complexity and increases the deployment speed for new features.

Mediation Layer

The AVS Mediation Layer enables you to extend micro services and rapidly plug in third party technologies from partners and software factories.

A powerful and open platform enables speed to market – a critical factor for success in today’s competitive industry.

Software Platform


Unlock the power of digital video and move at the speed
of the changing video industry with a solution that provides
an unprecedented level of control over delivery, heightened
roadmap granularity and minimized time
to market through its micro service architecture.

Micro Service Architecture

Accelerate delivery for a growing number of features with the power and agility of AVS technology.

Our micro services architecture segments software complexity. Components can be evolved independently to the rest of the architecture and new capabilities can be swiftly added through plug and play, helping to streamline regression tests and upgrade releases. A common framework enables developers to work in parallel - increasing delivery speed.

Through our industrial, open API Gateway, you can access a set of more than 200 APls, which can be exposed to any IPTV or OTTV device. They are fully documented and provide developers with a simple, open means to create apps that serve the needs of specific user segments or processes, with a multiplier effect for rapid scalability.

AVS is open to the ecosystem, enabling third party technologies to be smoothly integrated into your video platform. Our AVS mediation layer provides powerful components that enable third parties to develop new plug-ins and add-on features.


When demand is unpredictable, elastic scalability can be essential.
With AVS, the technology is in the cloud.
Combined with micro service architecture,
AVS provides maximum flexibility.
Scale components individually and automatically so they move
in time with service peaks, optimizing the solution for your business.

Maximize efficiency with our cloud-based deployment option.

Scalability and agility are at the heart of AVS. With fully cloud-based deployment options, the solution is designed to be as flexible as your business requires it to be, helping to optimize resources and infrastructure, reducing operational costs and lowering capex investments.

AVS runs on a fully virtualized environment, and can be deployed on both private and public clouds, as well as on-site, providing elastic scalability and robust disaster recovery.

AVS embraces innovation, and its cloud basis enables you to travel at the rapid speed of market demand, and manually or automatically align specific platform components with business needs and service peaks, helping to ensure maximum efficiency.


Business success in the digital age means evolving
rapidly and rolling out new capabilities continuously.
Our DevOps approach brings business, development
and operations stakeholders together, supporting
companies in the shift from traditional phased delivery
to a continuous approach.

With our DevOps approach you can deliver applications at the speed of your customer demand.

DevOps uses automation techniques for deployment, environment set-up, configuration, monitoring and testing. This accelerates the interaction between development teams, which focus on building applications; and operations teams, which are accountable for releasing and maintaining those applications.

AVS supports consistent performance through Accenture StormTest® automated testing platform, recently acquired by Accenture and primed to support our video clients, and with automated software development and operations.

The result: faster, more predictable market deployments, performed with radically greater efficiency, enabling companies to sustain a competitive edge, enter new markets and scale their business.