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Achieve optimal quality, data protection and efficiency in the testing process.


About Accenture Clone and Test

Improving Testing, Migration and Consolidation

Accenture Clone and Test enables the construction of SAP test environments using authentic SAP HR/Payroll data from production SAP ERP HCM systems. Data can be copied securely and flexibly between different SAP systems and then anonymized. The result is optimal quality, data protection and efficiency in the testing process and ongoing post "go-live" regression testing and application bug-fixes.



"We can now collect representative random samples and conduct tests in a way that enables several colleagues to process errors simultaneously, which saves us a great deal of time."

SAP HCM Business Process Manager
Sunderland City Council


Introduce reliability and safety
Users can only copy data for which they have a valid authorization profile. Data "masking" protects sensitive personnel data from unauthorized access.

Increase efficiency
Eliminate time wasted on attempting to manually create required underlying data and conditions.

Maintain quality
Use copy and comparison techniques to monitor changes and retain the integrity of the production system.

Gain flexibility
Copy and compare data directly either between the same or different "clients" within the system or across other SAP ERP releases.

Proven software
Benefit from a software product that is tried and tested in more than 1,000 large enterprises worldwide.


Automate and accelerate data tasks
Copy virtually any type of data, including customer-defined tables from SAP ERP HCM.

Simplify skills
Eliminate the need for highly skilled SAP IT support through this easy to implement and use software.

Create authentic tests
Take up-to-date production data into a test system for more realistic training and new development testing.

Improve migrations or upgrades
Prevent downtime by easily copying and converting data from different source systems into a new, unified system.


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