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Reduced revenue leakage
Business process automation, real-time collaboration and rule enforcements prevent revenue leakage, reduce costs and claims, and enhance contribution.

Dynamic route generation
Increase asset efficiency by finding the best routes, and enhance shipment routes and cost visibility by reducing stops and holds.

Increased operational efficiency
The shipment flow is proactively monitored and controlled to increase operational efficiency and performance.

Modern, open architecture
Allows for easy integration with existing carrier quote, booking, documentation and operational systems.

Optimized freight capacity
Advanced capacity and inventory management improves planning and control.

Booking simplicity
Improved customer satisfaction through innovations such as auto-booking functionality and booking transparency.

Better pricing decisions
Improve operations visibility, increase revenue, increase financial results and boost customer service.


Sales customer service

Sales & Customer Service
Automated and self-service tools support pricing, booking and routing processes.

Operations planning

Operations Planning
Engineer operational processes, and control and monitor shipments throughout the transportation chain.

Revenue management

Revenue Management & Execution
Align processes around routes, capacity, costs, rates and pricing, and enable enhanced capacity utilization and higher profitability.

Dynamic Route Generation

Dynamic Route Generation
Build complete end-to-end routes in real-time, from origin to destination, using all available modes of transport.


A three-tier design separates logical layers, making the application more manageable, maintainable and easier to integrate.

Browser-based Application
Simply connect to the carrier's intranet—no workstation installation or upgrade required.

Better Visibility
Insight into information at every point of shipment lifecycle—from quoting and selling to billing—leads to better decisions.

Platforms include WebSphere 5.x, Weblogic 9.x, Weblogic 10.x. The suite is also certified on WebSphere 6.x and JBoss 4.1.x.

Standalone capability or phased deployment provides the flexibility to meet any organization's specific needs cost effectively. Modules include Reservations, Routing, Pricing and Operations.

Built on a modern technology base (Service-oriented Architecture, J2EE, Oracle database) with a solid development methodology.

Business process automation, real-time collaboration and rule enforcements help prevent revenue leaks and reduce costs and claims.

Analytics tools help maximize asset utilization through forecasting and systematic planning tied to real-time execution.