Accenture Federal Cyber Center

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) delivery center provides end-to-end, intelligence-driven, integrated threat monitoring and incident response.

Specific services

High fidelity threat intelligence

We use intelligence, custom behavior analytics, and internal proprietary intelligence sources to eliminate threat activity within an environment and automate using SOAR tools and techniques.

Advanced adversary threat hunting

Our MDR center consolidates security event data against curated content to reveal threats against the enterprise, utilizing IOC/feeds for threat collecting to create agency-specific intelligence.

Automated and manual detection

Our analytics-driven SIEM system provides insight into any changes to the security baseline and quickly identifies new threat trends, attack vectors, attack sequences, or intrusion behavior.

24/7/365 security operations center

Our highly scalable MDR center helps minimize cost, maximize efficiency, and provide better intelligence using more extensive datasets and machine learning analytics.

Automated incident response

Our automated incident response capability accelerates human decisions, reduces time spent on redundant alerts/actions, and minimizes adversary dwell time and business impact.

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