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Accenture Liquid Studios

Built for change

Accenture Liquid Studios

Scalable innovation requires looking beyond what is possible. Technology is accelerating at an unprecedented rate; those who can adopt an agile approach, harness the power of data, and utilize emerging technologies will leapfrog their competition.



Collaborate with our team of cross-functional experts during interactive sessions where we leverage design thinking to explore use cases and solve challenges quickly.


Learn about disruptive technologies—and the opportunities they present—by exploring metaverse, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more.


Turn concepts into scalable applications in days rather than months using rapid development approaches that leverage Agile and DevOps.


Technology Vision 2024

Human by design

Voicebot for taxpayers

We helped The Office of the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland, Revenue, better meet customer needs, using...

A voice-controlled travel assistant

We helped a large airline transform the customer experience through rapid prototping in just three weeks.

Innovation to help the elderly

We created a pilot program using AI and voice to help the elderly manage the challenges of care delivery.

Our leaders

Michael Ljung

Lead, Cloud First – Software Engineering

Emmanuel Viale

Lead – Technology Innovation, EMEA

Rory Moore

Lead – Accenture Liquid Studios, AAPAC