Composable applications

Accelerate your path to value through a data-led transformation enabled with plug-and-play, composable apps—it’s about the ability to mix and remix.

Composability for adaptability and scalability

To stay market-relevant and rotate to new business models, organizations need to adapt at speed and scale through total enterprise reinvention, transforming every part of the business through technology, data and artificial intelligence. Timelines are compressing from years to months with transformation happening across multiple functions simultaneously. Composability is critical to accelerate the path to value throughout enterprise transformation.

 Applying a composable approach to address your organization’s continually changing business needs—mixing and remixing prebuilt, interoperable and repeatable solutions in the cloud—can help you unlock value faster. Extending your enterprise digital core with emerging tech and applications can provide niche capabilities to power industry processes. This agile approach enables resilience and speed while providing one version of enterprise data truth to drive better, faster decisions.

Don’t miss a beat with prebuilt solutions

Composability compresses transformation timelines, and Accenture has comprehensive capabilities to help you do it:

Continuous transformation

Evolve delivery models from “implement then run” to “continuous transformation,” configuring and reconfiguring the architecture to adapt and scale.

Ecosystem orchestration

Apply tech skills, functional knowledge and industry experience with ecosystem relationships to connect multiplatform solutions for business outcomes.

Solution curation

Apply pre-integrated, repeatable technology solutions to drive industry and function differentiation at speed.

Security administration

Maintain critical data and system security throughout the configuration of solution applications.

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Composing interoperable solutions helps unlock the value of shared data, getting to one version of enterprise truth.

Hit play on your transformation journey

Our approach to defining composable solutions is designed to help you achieve value at speed. Getting there requires a foundational shift from an enterprise resource planning-centered to data-centered transformation journey enabled through:

Architecture blueprint & data model

Bring together different application providers and their capabilities, leveraging enterprise blueprints for integration and industry transformation.

Continuous data-centered transformation

Create a digital integration hub to manage your data, so you can derive new insights and apply them to continually transform your organization.

Pre-configured, pre-integrated solutions

Remove silos with pre-configured, pre-integrated solutions, which are proven and repeatable for helping to increase your speed to value.

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What we think

To uncover strategies for AI success, Accenture designed a holistic AI-maturity framework.

Digital transformation requires a shift away from traditional thinking and toward a more collaborative, experimental approach.

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Frequently asked questions

The ability to configure and reconfigure prebuilt, interoperable solutions run in the cloud, which are connected through a digital core and powered by one enterprise data model.

A technology stack, comprising interoperable application layers which can be readily configured and reconfigured to address changing business needs.

Software programs enabling interoperability among applications.

With composable applications, companies can build flexibility into the heart of their organizations—the flexibility to not just cope with the effects of disruption and change but also turn uncertainty into opportunity through faster, better and cheaper innovation.

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