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Accenture’s more than 2,800 Pennsylvania-based employees are dedicated to helping the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and other commercial, education, and non-profit agencies achieve high performance. For well over four decades, our work with client’s continues to focus on delivering better health and human service outcomes by transforming operations, and modernizing mission critical systems using new technologies. Over time, we learned the Commonwealth is a diverse State but one with a common interest. We look forward, and will be honored to help agencies including the Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Human Services in Harrisburg, and in the Philadelphia region, to turn great ideas into reality - one dream, and one project at a time.

Accenture will be honored to help agencies including the Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Human Services in Harrisburg, and in the Philadelphia region, to turn great ideas into reality - one dream, and one project at a time.

Accenture named Pega's 2021 Partner of the Year

Accenture is delighted to announce that we have received Pega’s Partner of the Year award-2021 for the ninth consecutive year in addition to two other awards including: Client Innovation for One-to-One Customer Engagement, and Industry Excellence in Financial Services.

Read more from our Global Pega Lead, David Steuer.

Accenture named Pegasystems's 2021 Global Partner of the Year

Lead with impact in Public Service

Now more than ever, public service organizations must balance stability with speed to meet citizens’ needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to deliver on their missions.

We bring together people and technology to transform bold visions into meaningful action. Enabling you to leverage your resources to support pragmatic solutions, scale technologies at speed, and build personalized and frictionless experiences that increase trust in government.

By unleashing innovative potential across your organization, we’ll help deliver tangible value for your constituents. Rethinking approaches and retooling services in record time to drive unparalleled outcomes. Helping you balance the global with the local, and the community with the individual, to affect real change.

Lead with impact to make the most of every opportunity.


Human services agencies need to embrace new technologies that encourage human ingenuity and new ways of working.

Go beyond expectations for human services

When it comes to digital experiences what do people really want from human services? We asked citizens directly and the results were clear.


US citizens want human services agencies to be more innovative with technology, particularly with respect to digital experiences.

6 OUT OF 10

US citizens surveyed believe human services agencies should use advanced analytics to deliver more customized and relevant services.

Turn innovation into impact

Think bold. Scale fast.

Today’s tools and technologies make it possible to start small and scale fast. It’s time for bold actions to achieve disruptive results. Use these methods to better understand opportunities, design services and accelerate outcomes.

Innovate with purpose. Fuel your innovation engine with courage, discipline and willingness to try, fail and try again.

Unleash technology. Technology has never moved this fast. But it will never be this slow again. Start leveraging artificial intelligence, virtual assistants and virtual reality into very real results.

Create ecosystems that endure. Problems don’t occur in isolation. Neither should solutions. Bring together organizations, information and other resources to serve people holistically and support better outcomes.

Get smart about data. Generating data is easy. Converting it to intelligence is more challenging. It’s also critical to reaching your goals.

Our perspective: Health and Human Services

Today’s Health and Human Services leaders need fresh thinking and bold action to deliver outcomes that truly matter. Here’s how to get there.

Focus on WHO

Want better services and experience for everyone? Then design your agency around human beings, not policies and processes.

Remember WHY

The work is hard, but the mission is compelling: keep children safe, and nurture stronger families and communities through better care and service.

Forge a new HOW

Today’s innovation methods, emerging technologies, data-driven insights and ecosystems can help you achieve—and scale—breakthrough results fast.

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Voices of Accenture Public Service

Hear from our Health and Human Services leaders.

Child Support: Innovate at Your own Pace

Child support agencies can innovate without sending shockwaves through their operations and user base.

Humans at the heart of better outcomes

Accenture's Child Welfare team has walked with you toward better outcomes for your families and children.

Child Support: Have Your Code and Update It, Too

Slade Gauntt explains how child support agencies can solve their mainframe problem and prepare for longer-term improvements.

Hear from our Pega experts

Pega, Adobe, and Accenture: Delivering a Personalized CX at Scale

Delivering a personalized CX, at Scale

Michelle Sobin

Customer service: Stronger after COVID-19

Using AI to Bring Customer Service to the Next Level

Use AI to bring customer service to the next level

Delivering on our promise to citizens

Improving the health outcomes of citizens being served by the Commonwealth requires a standardized case management system.

Stronger Customer Service in the Next Normal

It's time to get smart about customer service as the way customers want to interact is changing.

Adopting event-driven architectures at scale

Organizations can respond to fast-changing business and customer needs through event-driven software architectures.

Design-led digital transformation for government

Design thinking and service design are increasingly used to align digital transformation with user needs and positive mission outcomes.

Personalized Customer Experience at Scale

Stand out from the crowd: an intelligent platform to scale personalized customer experience.

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