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Accenture’s more than 2,800 Pennsylvania-based employees are dedicated to helping the City of Philadelphia, and other commercial, education, and non-profit agencies achieve high performance. For well over four decades, our work with our City and County clients continues to focus on delivering better operational outcomes. They often center on innovative uses of ERP including transforming procurement, accounting, finance, budgeting and supply chain operations, and modernizing mission critical systems using new ERP technologies. Over time, we worked with a number of Departments and experienced your one common interest. We look forward and will be honored to help your Departments turn progressive administrative ideas into reality - one dream, and one project at a time.

Accenture will be honored to help Departments turn great administrative ideas into system realities - one dream, and one project at a time.

Unleash your enterprise value

We help clients define the strategy, technology and approach to become agile, strategic advisors that drive critical business outcomes and revenue. By automating day-to-day tasks, then uniting and orchestrating the data and planning abilities in one seamless system, organizations can better align to business strategy and ensure that the right skills and resources are available when they are needed.

With in-depth specialization in more than 40 industries and an unmatched, global delivery network, Accenture is uniquely positioned to guide its clients in this transformation, tailoring each journey to your specific needs.

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Lead with impact in Public Service

Now more than ever, public service organizations must balance stability with speed to meet citizens’ needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to deliver on their missions.

We bring together people and technology to transform bold visions into meaningful action. Enabling you to leverage your resources to support pragmatic solutions, scale technologies at speed, and build personalized and frictionless experiences that increase trust in government.

By unleashing innovative potential across your organization, we’ll help deliver tangible value for your constituents. Rethinking approaches and retooling services in record time to drive unparalleled outcomes. Helping you balance the global with the local, and the community with the individual, to affect real change.

Lead with impact to make the most of every opportunity.


Human services agencies need to embrace new technologies that encourage human ingenuity and new ways of working.

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We are recognized by industry analysts as a leading implementation and for managed services integration.


Ranked #1 in execution & innovation

Workday HCM Services 2021 Recipient


Named a leader in Oracle implementation service

December 2020


Named leader among multi-cloud managed services providers

December 2020

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