The intelligent business office

Imagine if the back office could break from its traditional function to deliver strategic value and business insights for public sector organizations.


Public service for a new era

Moving away from the traditional business office

The transformation of public sector finance, human resources and procurement is gaining momentum in the US. Organizations can go beyond transaction processing by introducing strategy, analytics and insights and taking full advantage of technology.

Data-driven insights
Elevate business office impact and value to the organization and citizens with enhanced analytics capability to inform strategic decision-making.

Digital at heart
Use new technologies efficiently—cloud, intelligent automation, AI and machine learning—to drive quality, speed and agility.

Engage employees and empower them to deliver transformational outcomes—for citizens and internally—through user-centered design.

Benefits of the intelligent business office

The benefits of transforming the back office go beyond modernization of technology for its own sake.
Organizations can deliver value through:

  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Engaged, Productive Employees
  • Improved Productivity and Performance
  • Digital Technology Platforms

User access & experience

Employee engagement & collaboration

Continuous service improvement

Productivity & efficiency

Predictive insights

Real-time intelligence

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Making back office a center for innovation

The intelligent business office aims to do more, at quality and speed, with less. It nurtures and retains top talent. It supports a performance-focused enterprise and promotes financial sustainability. And it seeks out, develops and manages innovation to continuously improve service delivery.

Proven strategies can transform the back office by reducing time and effort spent on transactional processing and compliance—thereby increasing capacity for value-added efforts.

The foundations of the intelligent business office

Before diving into cloud technology projects, organizations need to ensure the right foundations are in place:

  • Program Strategy & Vision
  • Organizational Talent & Engagement Strategy
  • Business Case
  • Solution Blueprint & Readiness

Have you created the right foundations?

Accenture can help. We have supported medium and large-sized public service organizations. We are SaaS vendor agnostic, with leading ERP and HR capabilities on Oracle Cloud, Workday, SAP and Microsoft. From early, cutting-edge projects to large, complex transformations, we have leading expertise in program management and cloud computing delivery.

Discover three surefire ways to generate the sustainable resources public sector leaders need to power their journey to cloud.

Redefine public sector finance for a digital world

An Accenture survey reveals how public service finance leaders are moving beyond traditional back office duties to create breakthrough value.

Contrary to common wisdom, these leaders are just as passionate about change as their private sector peers—but they face very different challenges.

What are their top strategic priorities? Harnessing data for new insights, implementing automation and recruiting the finance workforce of the future.​

Job one: Reimagine the state government workforce

Together with Accenture and NEOGOV, the National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) surveyed state Chief Administrators to understand critical workforce goals and challenges. The research affirms states’ challenges in finding and retaining top talent and the urgent need to reimagine their workforces.

We surveyed Chief Administrative Officers, public and private sector job seekers and analyzed 14M+ job postings to compare the number of applicants.

The report recommends changes to reshape recruiting and transform employee experience—and shares examples of states making progress in both.

Be bold. Start now.
Job One for states is rethinking their workforces. Step One is to be bold in your approach. Governors, State Chief Administrators, Personnel Executives: Take action today before the gap widens and the compounding challenges lead to an irreparable and costly future.


Driving outcomes from intelligent business office

Cloud technology has enormous potential, but without the right focus on the adoption of new processes and ways of working, plus change and transformation amongst the workforce, organizations risk the opportunity to realize the desired return from their investments.


Of CFOs think finance is best positioned to lead initiatives to use digital approaches to improve organization-wide performance.

5 OUT OF10

Finance leaders see the finance function becoming proactive and connected in two years’ time when operating with partners across the organization.


Agree that finance skills will continue to move away from core finance to advanced digital, statistics, operational and collaborative talent.


Of businesses are using new technologies and sources of workforce data extensively.


Of C-level executives are very confident that their organization is using workforce data in a highly responsible way.


Of employees are open to the collection of data on them and their work in exchange for an improvement in their productivity, their well-being or other benefits.

The journey is never the same

There is no one-size fits all approach to building the intelligent business office. Some organizations focus on core cloud technology first; others deliver improvements early through analytics, intelligent automation and AI.


Gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of intelligent forecasting for real-time decision support.

Intelligent Automation

Combine robotics with other accessible automation technologies to enable better judgements and more efficient business office processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Maximize the ability of AI technologies to learn, adapt and improve to perform routine tasks and augment the human workforce.

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