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Innovating child support

How is your state modernizing child support?

Common limitations of legacy child support systems

Mainframe-based systems are difficult and costly to maintain

These systems lack automation and other innovative tools to drive productivity and efficiency

Legacy systems are unable to deliver the modern experience workers and families now expect

Accenture has developed a cloud-native, fit-for-purpose solution that addresses those challenges and provides a strong foundation for the future.

The Accenture Child Support Platform: A solution born for child support

Improve workload management

Enable supervisors to define teams and configure task assignment rules to distribute workloads based on required skill sets and availability.

Streamline document generation

Improve generation and distribution of paper and electronic documents to alleviate caseworker burden without compromising compliance.

Automate “next-action processing”

Minimize manual case work with a system smart enough to know what’s next based on a user action, system action or passage of time.

Enable self-service

Deliver a better experience to employers and customers by giving these users powerful, mobile-enabled tools for self-service.

Enhance security

Implement role-based authentication and authorization to safeguard data privacy and sensitive information.

Unleash analytics

Use dashboards that illustrate office performance and drive informed decision making. Forecast workload trends with analytics and AI.

Strengthen data integrity

Use sophisticated matching techniques on inbound data and robust user tools to compare potential matches and merge duplicates.

Integrate court support

No need to move to a different system when taking cases to court to establish support orders.

Deliver financial insights

View a case’s balance as of today or at any point in history. Visualize financial trend lines over time to understand likely future activity.

Over the past 30 years, Accenture has designed, developed and implemented 11 holistic child support systems serving more than 30% of the U.S. child support population.

Michigan’s Office of Child Support

Using analytics to improve family outcomes

A pilot by the Office of Child Support within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services shows how analytics help shape better outcomes.

Automate child support legacy modernization

Convert to Java Enterprise or .NET platform model

Accenture offers fit-for-purpose code conversion solutions that leverage proven methods and automated tooling.

Convert to a platform-as-a-service model

The Accenture Intelligent Cloud Conversion Platform provides the ability to automatically convert legacy systems directly to a platform.

Our leaders

Slade Gauntt

Managing Director – Technology, Public Service, Child Support, North America

Rebecca Flad

Senior Manager – Technology, Public Service, North America

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Managing Director – Consulting, Public Service Sales Lead, North America