Virtual assistants for real-world outcomes

The Accenture Virtual Assistant Platform combines technology and expertise to advance your Human Services agency’s intelligent automation journey.

Accenture Virtual Assistant Platform

The Accenture Virtual Assistant Platform combines intelligent automation with the power of artificial intelligence—grounding it in deep understanding of the needs and challenges of your caseworkers and beneficiaries.

Increase availability and capacity

Support your workers and beneficiaries 24/7/365. Free caseworkers to focus on higher-value, people-focused activities.

Drive speed and accuracy

Enable reliable data entry with intuitive interfaces and consistent automated workflows. Eliminate application backlogs and accelerate turnaround.

Enhance customer and caseworker experience

Available via computer, mobile/tablet, phone and SMS text, virtual assistants make it convenient and natural for all users to interact with them.

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Real-world use cases

The Accenture Virtual Assistant Platform brings together artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, secure cloud hosting, voice and SMS integration and image content analysis. Here’s how that can take shape in the real world.

Worker virtual assistant

Performs automated actions and prompts caseworker for information.

Help desk virtual assistant

Provides guidance and oversight to caseworkers navigating complex systems. Answers system how-to questions. Searches for and logs help desk tickets.

Self-service virtual assistant

Guides customers using the self-service portal. Completes information updates. Automatically processes tasks in the case management system.

Call center virtual assistant

Serves customers and integrates with the worker portal to process case updates, such as changes in address.

SMS messaging virtual assistant

Guides customers in inquiring about applications/renewals. Completes information updates. Processes tasks in the case management system.

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Citizens would like government to deliver more artificial intelligence-enabled services, but they aren’t confident it can be done ethically. That’s a trust issue, which CIOs can help solve by requiring AI fairness.

RELATED: Accenture’s Ryan Oakes and Rick Webb discuss recent research that uncovered citizen’s views on government use of AI in a recent Government Technology article, Answering the Call for Responsible AI in Government.

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The nature of work in the digital future is changing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a significant impact.

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