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Automate the journey from legacy to modern

Legacy of challenges

Mainframe challenges in child support

Difficult to maintain

Mainframes make it hard to update applications or embrace advanced workload to support modern and future business requirements.

Innovation potential blocked

Outdated tools limit visibility, automation and integration with the modern technologies required to drive innovation.

Increasing costs

Ongoing maintenance costs and increased spending on middleware means the cost burden has never been greater.

Paths to modernization

There’s a better, faster, more cost-effective way to move child support systems from mainframes to the cloud.

Code conversion: Paths to mainframe modernization


Migrate from mainframe to cloud

Migrate from legacy to Salesforce, retiring old technology and continuing to get value from past investment in functionality, business logic and data.

Harness the power of the platform

Take advantage of a modern, feature-rich platform without disrupting current operations. Deliver new functionality using point-and-click tools.

Innovate at pace and scale

Leverage powerful platform capabilities to pursue a modular and incremental modernization roadmap according to your schedule and priorities.

Find your path


What we think

The cloud imperative for public service

Government cloud adoption processes can transform public sector digital strategy.

Human services: Lead with impact

Human services agencies can encourage human ingenuity and new ways of working post-pandemic.

Reimagine a journey to better outcomes

Develop human services programs and systems coordinated for better family support and outcomes.

Our leaders

Slade Gauntt

Managing Director – Technology, Public Service, Child Support, North America

Rebecca Flad

Senior Manager – Technology, Public Service, North America

Zach Rasmussen

Senior Manager – Technology, Public Service, North America