Too many threats, too many tools, not enough people

Many enterprises now recognize that prevention must be accompanied by robust threat detection and response. But with security teams often understaffed and overwhelmed by alerts, this can take far too long. In addition, true cyber resiliency can be blocked by the complexity of maintaining and integrating multiple tools. Yet the marketplace says the ‘solution’ is to add even more.

Transform SOC operations to rapidly respond to threats

Accenture MDR provides highly scalable, fully orchestrated security services 24/7 from delivery centers in Prague, Bangalore and San Antonio. By applying sets of orchestrated plays that automate detection and response, MDR reduces the time to detect and resolve attacks from weeks and months to minutes and hours. In addition, MDR incorporates threat hunting based on tailored intelligence, finding adversaries that evade standard security controls.

Why MDR?

Accenture MDR orchestrates and automates detection and response to threats in real time to minimize adversary dwell time and business impact. Automation of routine incidents frees operators and threat hunters to focus on more complex threats that lurk in the noise.

Understand the threats

MDR offers industry specific intelligence based on customized threat collection and dark web monitoring.

Accelerate responses

Predefined plays automate detection, threat analysis and response.

See across the enterprise

MDR fully extends monitoring to enterprise attack surfaces, including security controls, network infrastructure, endpoints and cloud.

Proactively find adversaries

Threat hunt campaigns find and remediate attacks lurking in the noise.

Fully managed orchestration and automation

MDR minimizes adversary dwell time and business impact and frees SOC operators to focus on complex and emerging threats.

Respond to threats 24/7

Your adversaries work around the clock. So does Accenture MDR, providing 24/7 threat coverage through our global delivery network.

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Watch MDR in action

Supporting clients across energy, financial services, retail, technology and healthcare, Accenture MDR applies tailored threat intelligence collection and hunting aligned to their unique needs and industry threat profiles.

Accenture Security's Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Accenture Security's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) delivers 24/7 as-a-service end-to-end monitoring detection and response. See more.

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