Building the best customer experience on Marketplaces

Accenture Interactive helps companies capitalize on the Marketplaces potential


Marketplaces are online shopping platforms able to attract a large number of customers thanks to a large number of products available and a simple customer experience. Marketplaces are changing the status quo of eCommerce and customers are increasingly relying on them as their top-of-mind platforms to search and buy their day-to-day products.

The world's largest marketplaces are Amazon and Alibaba, but many others are growing sales at a rapid pace, some with a focus on a particular retail category.

According to eMarketer, in 2019 Amazon alone will account for 52.4% of all US retail ecommerce sales and for 13.7% of worldwide retail ecommerce sales, becoming one of the largest ecommerce platform in the country and in the globe. The growth trend affects all the marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, Tesco, Zalando, Mercado Libre, Alibaba Tmall, Jumia and others across the globe.

"No matter which sector you play in or which product you sell, being on Marketplaces is key for brand positioning, driving sales and reaching new customer segments."

– ALESSANDRO DIANA, Managing Director – Accenture Interactive for Italy, Central Europe and Greece

Marketplaces in numbers


Trillion of dollars spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces in 2018


Gross merchandise growth of 100 Marketplaces, 2017-18

The 4 O’s framework

Accenture Interactive has created a framework to support clients that want to boost their business on Marketplaces, with the aim to build the best customer experience.


At scale with complete visibility & control of each product’s features and performance within and across marketplaces.


Your content to create a tailored brand experience within and across marketplaces at the product level.


Your performance with a balanced score card while creating a library of your test & learnings.


Content, product features, and market development by leveraging product and competitive insights.

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How we work

Our depth and breadth of experience underpinned by a detailed service blueprint tailored for Marketplaces allows us to navigate this complex channel. Accenture Interactive value proposition is to drive the client business on:

Building the channel strategy

Defining a long-tile relevant and sustainable roadmap.

Building the best end to end customer experience

Ensuring the full management of each capability and continuous innovation.

Designing the best-of-breed technical architecture

Selecting the right tools and integrations according to the client need.

Ensuring global delivery at scale

Maintaining the specificities of each country.

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