Welcome to the future of experience

Established in the heart of the French Riviera, in Europe’s largest science park, the Accenture Interactive Innovation Center is the perfect place to think unconventionally, from a new perspective.

We have created a hub for revolutionary thinking—a space custom-made for "eureka” moments, a place where you can explore, discover and develop ground-breaking thinking in digital human interactions.

Together, we’ll tackle the big challenges of tomorrow—from harnessing social media to reshaping the next wave of artificial intelligence.

Specific services

We tailor each event to address your business objectives and also host custom private events, such as board meetings, and bootcamps.

Discovery workshop

Immersive inspirational experience including inspiration, immersion and ideation.

Creative workshop

Immersive hands-on experience combining both inspirational and crafting sessions.

Virtual visit

Experience the centre live in high definition and get access to our experts from anywhere.

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Case studies

Memory Lane is a groundbreaking project that uses a unique conversational artificial intelligence to address the challenges of elderly loneliness.

BMW moves ahead of competitors with automotive’s first immersive, augmented reality app.

Unilever asked us for a world-class experience which would be dynamic and personalized.

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