ALIP University—Product Configuration and AACE

Gain a solid understanding of the product components of the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP).

About the course

This introductory course offers a broad overview of all the components associated with product configuration in the ALIP platform and is designed to empower the user with the skills to master the components of the calculation engine (AACE).

Topic 1 - ALIP Product Configuration

  • Focusing on the product framework rather than product type, this topic covers: product introduction, product structure, configurable features and rules, introduction to functions, product tables, other product configuration topics, configurable transactions, funds, accounting, Product Testing Workbench (PTW).
  • This topic lasts two full days.

Topic 2 - AACE: the calculation engine

  • This second topic covers the following subjects: function introduction, system functions, custom functions, conditional statements, looping statement, data elements, actuarial tables and functions, matrices and operations, debugging functions and runtime log.
  • This topic lasts two full days.

Course structure

  • A PowerPoint is used for training with 8-10 subjects per topic.
  • Each subject includes: an introduction, interactive instruction, hands-on activities, conclusion, instructor checkpoint, final test.
  • Training lasts six hours per day plus extra time for breaks/lunch.

Intended audience

  • All resources implementing products in ALIP: Actuaries, Business Analysts, Technical (developers and architects).
  • An in-depth product knowledge is needed, including how the product needs to be administered and processed throughout the policy lifecycle and how all the product’s policy values are derived and calculated.

Cost and logistics

  • Training is customized to your needs. We’ll discuss your cost structure with you once you’ve begun your registration process.
  • To ensure quality and individual attention, courses are limited to 12 participants, with a minimum of four required.
  • A course cannot be audited by customer’s management.
  • Note: Participants must bring their own laptop.
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