Aftersales business models and support

Profiting from the post-sales customer connection.

Service Operations X

In a digitally connected world, the product value chain does not end once a product has been delivered. Customers have long since moved “beyond the product” and expect their purchases to deliver predictable outcomes and compelling, personalized experiences long after the original sale.

For manufacturers, the shift to services opens new opportunities for revenue, operational efficiency and long-term customer engagement.

Accenture powers aftermarket service transformations, helping clients transform into "as-a-service" businesses, shifting from the business of repair to the business of availability.

What we do

Increase service revenue

Seize opportunities for monetization and smart pricing throughout the product value chain to drive sales, service renewals and customer loyalty.

Reduce operating costs

Streamline operations and warranty management to cut spending on associated costs while improving labor efficiency and supplier recovery.

Smarter capital optimization

Combine predictive maintenance, smart forecasting and inventory planning to optimize total cost of ownership and improve equipment effectiveness.

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How we do it

Service strategy

Define the business models, technologies, offerings and metrics needed to meet the demands of the outcome-driven economy.

Spare parts planning

Meet agreed service levels profitably by optimizing the deployment and availability of spare parts.

Product maintenance and repair

Anticipate maintenance events and implement processes and tools to support centralized and field maintenance.

Service contract and warranty management

Optimize the operational and financial performance of aftermarket service contracts.

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What we think

Unlock revenue-generation opportunities with a radical approach to aftermarket services.

Companies need a strategy to be relevant beyond the exchange of money in the post-purchase journey.

Top findings from the Keep Me Index uncover five key attributes that influence customer retention.

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Explore our core themes

High Tech Industry X

Reinvent product and service value chains to bring new levels of business agility and efficiency.

Engineering X

Drive innovation and growth with modern engineering practices.

Production and Operations X

Innovate, engineer, manufacture and operate to take advantage of an increasingly connected world.

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