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The growing demand for virtual care, home health solutions, retail care, self-service and patient transparency makes the human perspective even more vital. The organizations that focus on meaningful experiences on the individual person’s terms will be the ones who lead. This is not easy. It involves finding the right operating model, technology, data and culture to deliver care that’s not only more efficient, but more human.

We combine technology with human ingenuity to help pinpoint people needs deeply and make the most of technology-based personalization. Our skilled team brings healthcare marketing, customer service, omnichannel patient access and products together with rich data and AI to reimagine the possibilities.

Together, we create unrivaled health experiences.

Health and Life Sciences Experience survey

Accenture surveyed nearly 12,000 people in 14 countries to understand how healthcare experience is changing.

The ultimate healthcare experience: Global Report

The global survey of nearly 12000 people reveal healthcare isn’t a one-way, one-size-fits-all transaction. Read more.

Digital adoption: Reaction or revolution?

The US report of nearly 1800 people aims to provide clarity and bridge the knowledge gap in the areas of Technology, Access, Experience and Trust
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Increasing equitable health outcomes for everyone

How we work

Leading with both experience and data insights, we discover, co-create and scale solutions that help you build loyalty and achieve profitable growth.

The methodology we use puts people truly at the center, focused on creating value and outcomes together.

Our deep bench of health experts use top health experience platforms to ensure that we quickly deliver agile, scalable results which help improve access, experience and outcomes for people.

Case studies

With Accenture, NHS migrated 2.1 million employee mailboxes to the cloud as part of a transformational journey to reinvent how healthcare is delivered.

Accenture helped Renown design an improved health experience for the 65-plus market, boosting senior engagement.

Equipping Australia with a coronavirus-dedicated mental wellbeing support service.

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What we think

Health experience blogs

Our experts discuss the latest research and trends to help deliver unrivaled health experiences in healthcare.

Overcoming barriers to providing equitable healthcare

Healthcare services need to be accessible and equitable so that people may truly benefit from them. Here’s how.

Close the experience gap—don’t fall into it

Health payers aren’t providing the kind of consumer experience they think they are, and if they don’t close the gap they may fall into it.

What does the future patient experience look like?

Accenture's research found that virtual delivery channels could expand treatment to 53 million Americans suffering from behavioral health issues.

How consumer trust can keep healthcare virtual

Greater consumer insight, care and data ownership autonomy means payers and providers must provide care on consumers’ terms.

COVID-19 has made healthcare virtually virtual

Pandemic virtual health experiences have led consumers to want to increase their use of technology to communicate with healthcare providers.

Become a seniors loyalty leader in healthcare

Linda MacCracken explains how to become a seniors loyalty leader in healthcare as eighteen million consumers have deferred care.

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Improving access, experience, and outcomes in healthcare by harnessing the power of technology and human ingenuity.

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