Accenture + Pure Storage

Let the cloud set your business free.

Free to grow and innovate

At the Accenture Cloud Innovation Center in Rome, innovation is key to everything we do. This does not just involve deploying new cloud-based technologies, but also establishing an approach and strategies to help our clients maximise their creative liberty and agility. This enables the digital transformation needed now if they are to respond to market challenges and meet the needs of their final customers.

Accenture and Pure Storage are partnering to offer new, fully cloud-based services and technologies capable of providing speed, flexibility and efficiency and transforming business models and the way our clients work to deliver tangible results.

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Our value proposition: know-how and technologies

The partnership aims to create Hybrid, Multi-Cloud environments, integrating on-prem and public clouds and different clouds, in addition to offering a Modern Data Experience and uniform data management regardless of where the data is located.


Data portability in hybrid and multi-cloud allows you to use the cloud for disaster recovery to simplify migration.

Performance and reliability

We offer enterprise-level reliability and a fluid execution of existing cloud applications to achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

Data efficiency

We enable you to use the cloud to manage even the most complex data with agility, without compromise and with an industry-leading level of enterprise security.

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Use cases developed at ACIC Rome

Our Cloud Innovation Center works every day to offering concrete solutions capable of meeting our clients’ real business needs. “Useful innovation” is our mantra.

The use cases developed in partnership with Pure Storage enable us to simplify our clients’ Journey to Cloud, guiding them through the choice of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solutions and ensuring the full integration of different clouds with on-premise and public cloud platforms. The result is an uncompromising approach to optimising the performance of clients’ IT Operations, maintaining a constant focus on rapid, reliable and secure management of data.


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