Becoming a cloud-based digital company

Accenture is working with the TIM group on Intesa Sanpaolo's digital transformation using Google Cloud infrastructure.

Intesa Sanpaolo's journey

Intesa Sanpaolo is accelerating its journey to becoming a Digital Company capable of speeding up the delivery of services using innovative, easy-to-use solutions designed to meet Italy's growing digitalisation needs.

The value of the collaboration

Using Noovle, the group's centre of cloud excellence, and with support from Accenture, TIM will provide Intesa Sanpaolo with the very best in Google Cloud-based competencies and assets and the latest data security solutions.

Accenture's role

Accenture has been helping to transform Italian businesses for over 60 years.

Accenture combines its in-depth technology and industry knowledge with the value of ecosystem collaborations, such as the one created with TIM and Google Cloud. These bring together cutting-edge infrastructure and platforms and Accenture's global capabilities, with the aim of enabling organisations to more rapidly switch to the cloud and achieve greater value.

Accenture is the leading partner for Google Cloud at global level, building on the collaboration to create the Accenture Google Business Group.

This project forms part of a wider acceleration plan for the banking sector, partly enabled by Accenture Financial Advanced Solutions & Technology (AFAST), the hub set up to provide banks and insurers with the services and technologies needed to drive their digital transformation.

The role of TIM and Noovle

The TIM group has always used its infrastructure and operational expertise to support Italian industry. Beyond Connectivity is the name given to the new strategic plan that will see the group offer businesses and the public sector a range of innovative public, private and hybrid cloud, IoT, 5G, cybersecurity and advanced connectivity services, delivered by competence centres, specialising in infrastructure and skills, and through the collaboration with Google Cloud.

In this regard, Noovle, the TIM group's new company, offers customers an Italian centre of excellence for Cloud and edge computing, incorporating design skills and professional services in its management of the countrywide network of Data Centres. In this way, the group is able to offer housing and hosting solutions, using highly advanced platforms to deliver multicloud services and accompany customers on their secure, resilient and sustainable journey to the Cloud.

Google Cloud infrastructure

Google's cloud services meet the highest international data security and protection standards.

The presence of two Italian Google Cloud Regions in Milan and Turin, based on the TIM group's data centres managed by Noovle, will guarantee Intesa Sanpaolo continuous access to the cloud services it needs. Both Cloud Regions will be created according to the latest best environmental sustainability practices and will be carbon neutral, in keeping with the guidelines adopted by the Intesa Sanpaolo and shared by TIM.