Federal Cloud, IT transformation and improved service delivery

Improve mission delivery and drive IT efficiencies with secure, agile and cost-effective solutions.


Cloud computing is the dynamic provisioning of IT capabilities from a third party via a network. It brings the ability to source, scale and deliver those capabilities beyond the bounds of physical location or labor—and it is changing how organizations across industries work.

Making the most of the cloud is essential for federal agencies, which face competing demands while working to improve mission delivery. In today’s resource-strapped, cost-conscious environment, the federal cloud can deliver unprecedented flexibility and control. Federal agencies have begun looking at private, on-premise clouds; secure commercial clouds; and the open market cloud providers for solutions in the “federal cloud.” It can help agencies to:

  • Reduce IT costs.

  • Improve performance.

  • Deliver goods and services more rapidly.

  • Secure and protect citizens’ information.

  • Eliminate agency boundaries.

  • Enhance insight through advanced analytics.

  • Keep pace with changing capacity, mission and business needs.

Whats more, Federal mandates are driving the move to the federal cloud. The White House’s “cloud first” policy requires that agencies give priority to cloud solutions for all new development. The cloud will also play an essential role as agencies respond to the Federal Data Center Consolidation initiative, which calls for a substantial reduction in federal data centers by 2015.

Clearly, the cloud is here to stay in the federal government. But are agencies taking full advantage of the opportunities it brings? Independently recognized by third-party industry analysts as a global leader in providing cloud services, Accenture can help organizations wherever they are on their cloud journey. We bring skills, services, solutions and insights to help agencies cut through the hype, answer the tough questions and deliver the right outcomes.

Why Accenture

Accenture Federal Services is uniquely skilled to help federal agencies improve mission delivery and gain efficiencies with secure, agile and cost-effective cloud solutions. We have a track record of helping clients implement cloud technologies such as:

We provide the full range of cloud services, including private cloud, community cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud driven by customer security requirements.

When selecting Accenture Federal Services, agencies can expect the following:

  • Knowledge. We offer expertise to help agencies determine their strategy and make informed decisions, always with an understanding of the federal environment.

  • Objectivity. We work as an independent advisor, helping clients select the right cloud provider that suits their specific needs.

  • Experience. We bring pioneering services—our experience includes more than 250 agile enterprise implementations at more than 100 clients.

  • People. We can tap into the insights and experience of more than 1,000 skilled cloud practitioners.

  • Insight. We connect our clients to the leading edge of cloud innovation—the Accenture Institute for High Performance provides compelling research and insights.

  • Investment. Accenture has invested in tools and methodologies to help federal agencies take full advantage of cloud-based technologies.

Specific Services

Federal agencies have different needs when it comes to their cloud computing and IT rationalization needs and challenges. Offering comprehensive services from strategy through implementation, Accenture Federal Services helps agencies to:

Develop a strategy and roadmap to integrate cloud technologies into the IT environment—Our approach is to help clients navigate the cloud by assessing benefits and risks and identifying the most cost effective and secure environments to meet mission needs. Our team brings leading industry practices and lessons learned from private sector innovation in cloud offerings.

Plan, implement, and manage a third-party Software-as-a-Service solution—We focus on helping federal agencies maximize speed to value and business functionality, rapidly implementing new capabilities at a lower cost. This helps our clients increase mission effectiveness through faster time to delivery of mission functionality.

Design, build or re-platform applications in the cloud—Transforming legacy applications to the right number of high performance applications serves federal agencies in a number of ways. Not only does it help to reduce the total cost of ownership and make the most of the IT investment, it helps respond to mandates for system consolidation and improve productivity in application development and management.

Build, integrate and manage private, public, and/or hybrid cloud infrastructures—More and more, government IT must support an agile business. Our cloud infrastructure services improve service delivery and asset utilization. We find that through these services, server utilization can often be reduced by more than 70 percent. We can also help agencies respond to mandates for system consolidation, lower IT costs with a service management approach, increase agility with on-demand capacity and drive better data integration and enterprise reporting capabilities.